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    Well Looks like some of the people on Android Central have gotten their Atrix, and some are already saying that their 7 month old iPhone 4 screen is sharper and better color than the brand new released Atrix. Man thats sad that Motorola can't even put out a screen that matches hardware that is almost a year old. Here's to hoping that the Pre 3 won't have a crap screen like the state-of-the-art Atrix.
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    lol wut?

    The iPhone's reoslution is higher than the Atrix. Not the mention the screensize will also make it a sharper screen.

    Only thing that looks as good as the iPhone 4 screen to me are Super AMOLED devices.

    However this is when you hold it side by side...otherwise, i don't notice anything.

    Apple puts a lot of focus on the screen of EVERY device they make. The Atrix increased the resolution of past android devices but i guess in mainitning similar aspect ratios its not quite the same resolution as the iPhone 4.

    Keep in mind too...the iPhone 4's resolution did nothing to allow more things to be displayed on screen, but to instead allowed everything to look sharper at the current size.
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    iphone 4 still has the best screen in the industry. Any phone (besides super amoled) will look worse.

    Look at a few phones for yourself and compare to the atrix and iphone4.

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    Makes it tough to decide which phone to get. I put a lot of merit into having a nice sharp display. It just floors me that Motorola didn't put more into their screen.
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    I'm starting to read complaints about the Atrix screen being not as crisp as the iPhone 4's as well as having red tinge problems with video. To me the screen is important due to looking at it everyday and wanting to watch videos on it. I've made up my mind not to get the Atrix and might get either the iPhone 5 or Pre 3.

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