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    I am a Verizon customer and I think I am going to trade in my Pre plus for a new phone this Spring.
    I was thinking about waiting for the iPhone 5 but it sounds like it could be late Fall until we see those (and I am sure they will be supper pricey)

    Can yall help me with some pros and cons of both systems and if you have a preference which Droid to get?
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    any ideas??? would love some input!
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    If you can wait, wait until the summer. You want the Pre 3, the iPhone 5, and the latest Android (Droid 3?) to be available, and you want to be able to view them and touch them and play around with the web browser.

    (And as a Sprint user, I need to say (1) that I'm jealous of your Pre Plus, and (2) that you should REALLY consider looking at Sprint. Friends of mine switched from the big V to Sprint, after suffering through V's atrocious customer service.)
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    Hi tngirly,

    If you aren't interested in the upcoming Pre 3, I would suggest you pose your question to the members of our sister-sites AndroidCentral and TiPb. You can get answers from actual users of those platforms there as opposed to a Palm site.
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    Not sure about Verizon, but I just ditched my Pre minus for an EVO and I really like it. My wife still have her Pre and it seem like a tiny little toy when ever I look at it.

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