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    Nokia is not adopting Microsoft's current Windows Phone 7 platform – which means that there is no chance of any handsets running Microsoft's software before the end of October. It is likely to be a lot later.

    Rather than using the current version of the Windows Phone platform, first released last October, the mobile phone company is going to wait until a major release of the operating system, codenamed "Mango", is made available this coming October – and that is expected to have a slightly different name from the current Windows Phone 7 name.

    Though the difference between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone may sound trivial, Elop, who previously ran the hugely profitable Office division of Microsoft, will have been keenly aware of the importance of the difference in naming and the need not to be seen at any future date to have misled investors, analysts or customers.

    Mary Jo Foley, a ZDNet writer who follows Microsoft closely, previously revealed that Mango will be renamed, possibly to Windows Phone 7.5, with Windows Phone 8 following at the end of 2012. But Mango, which adds a number of new features including HTML5 support, is not due until autumn at the earliest.
    Nokia to delay Microsoft Windows Phone beyond October | Technology | The Guardian

    Seems early for a name change?

    I liked this comment from a guardian reader:

    I like it - think it should be the name of the first Nokrosoft phone

    Could make it orange and round to make it stand out

    I can see it now.
    'What's that in your pocket?'
    'It's the mango flagship!'
    'Go away or I'll phone the police'
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Seems early for a name change?

    Corporations like MS seem to be filled with people who "need to make their contribution" by crappy things like changing the name of produce versions, or products themselves or even ing about with the user interface (Office!) for no good reason.

    I suppose it's all people with no talent can do.
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    Hey i love Office you unlearn what you were used to for the last 15 years, you realizes the benefits.

    Just my opinion though.
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    This is so rediculous... why cant they stick with a name ?? this is turning into windows mobile all over again

    Quote Originally Posted by PCworld
    1996-present: Every name ever associated with handheld devices running Microsoft software. At first, they were called Handheld PCs, and ran an OS known as Windows CE. Then they morphed into Palm PCs--until the PalmPilot people complained, whereupon they became Palm-Size PCs. But only briefly: Soon, Microsoft wanted us to call them Pocket PCs, and the software they ran was renamed Windows Mobile.

    That name stuck around when the OS migrated from PDAs to phones, although it bifurcated into two editions: Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone. Then Microsoft declared that there were three Windows Mobile variants--Windows Mobile Classic, Windows Mobile Professional, and Windows Mobile Standard. As for the devices themselves, Steve Ballmer declared in February of this year that they'd be known henceforth as Windows Phones--scratch the "Mobile." Except for the fact that the OS is still Windows Mobile. Got that?

    What they should have been called: Melvin. Or just about anything else, really, as long as it didn't keep changing.

    The 10 Worst Microsoft Product Names of All Time - Page 2 - PCWorld
    Microsoft has a history of bad naming habits
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    Yeah, Office 2007 and 2010 are great. Definitely a lot of unlearning, but I am much quicker now then I was before.

    As to the name change, it's likely to wait until Microsoft can complete the buyout of Nokia.
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    There are even rumors the Zune name may be leaving/changing.

    We'll see though.

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