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    Please post TouchPad comparisons here.

    From Engadget: HP TouchPad vs. iPad vs. Xoom vs. PlayBook: the tale of the tape

    Note that TouchPad carriers, pricing, and delivery dates are not known at this time.

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    Also note that Apple tends to release new mobile devices every 12 months. The iPad is from 4/3/10. The iPad 2 has not been released but the Wall Street Journal (2/9/11) says that the iPad 2 will be thinner, lighter, faster, and have more RAM memory, as well as a front facing camera for video conferencing when it is shipped this spring.
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    PC World also did a comparison of the TouchPad to the Xoom and iPad:
    HP TouchPad vs. Motorola Xoom vs. iPad: How They Stack Up

    Here is the PC World comparison chart:

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    Thanks Milo - great comparison chart. Looks like PC World made at least one small error. Like the TouchPad, the wifi-only version of the iPad does not have GPS either.

    On a specs/features table, the Xoom really stands out. Of course you have to pay for those features too.
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    These comparisons always tend to favor the one that's not released. In the event more than one are unreleased, it favors the one that is most likely to come last. I think that is because we can impose our hopes and dreams on something that has no substance of its own. Buy on the rumor; sell on the fact.

    Remember the Courier? It was the most awesome device ever. Even the JooJoo was great before it was actually released. If the internet fan sites were to be believed, the Slate 500 is what everyone was waiting for. They are still waiting.

    The Xoom has the best specs of the lot, yet it doesn't stand a chance because it is finally here, warts and all. And there are plenty of warts to be found. It stands as a fresh monument to the fact that specs aren't everything. The iPad can never win this type of comparison because it is a known quantity. It is natural to expect more of the next big thing than the last big thing.

    Just some rambling thoughts about the inevitable comparisons. Everybody loves a horserace.
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    Since the iPad is being replaced by the iPad 2, this discussion needs to move to the new thread:

    HP TouchPad vs. iPad 2, Xoom, PlayBook, Galaxy Tab

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