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    My wife's Palm M100 won't turn on anymore. The batteries that were in there leaked. I removed them, cleaned the compartment, and put in fresh Duracells. The device worked fine. i hotsynced and everything was dandy for a day.

    Today, the unit is dead dead dead. It will not power on. I changed the batteries, still no power. As I look into the battery compartment, I notice that Palm did not seal off the compartment on the M100, so there is exposure to the inner circuitly of the unit from inside the battery compartment. I'm afraid that some of the battery acid could have gotten inside onto the circuitry.

    Any suggestions? Do you think Palm will replace it under Warranty since It's been less than a year since I purchased it...
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    Call them, don't mention the battery leakage, but say that it won't power on, that you've tried changing the batteries, etc... Based on that, there shouldn't be any warranty issue.

    If not, you might also contact the company that made the leaky batteries and tell them about the damage... (I'd check their packaging/website to be certain before this, though.)

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