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    So I'm do for an upgrade and really wanted a Pre 2, but now that its at $149 instead of $99, should I just spend $50 more and get a droid 2?

    I have a Pre Plus now. I love webos but feel its underpowered in the terms of software and customization. The droid 2 just has so many features. I know battery life on both is poor, but I'm able to charge most of the day.

    I mostly text, use the calender and play around with games. So keyboard and quickness of use are key for me.
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    HP still selling Pre 2 for $99 on its site.
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    droid 2 is a horizontal slider. One-handed use of the physical keyboard is impossible even for my big hands. So it becomes a portrait on-screen only if that happens to be important.

    from there the pre screen is a bit smaller, and the iPhone is a bit bigger.
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    Get the Pre2 from the HP site for $99
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    where did the OP see the Pre2 for more than $99?

    and if the keyboard is important, the droid2 will disappoint.
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    ok, just ordered the pre2 from hps site. spending 100 instead of 200 was my deciding factor. i really hope the keyboard on the Pre 2 is better then the Pre Plus, that was one of my main issues.
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    so hps site won't let me upgrade, even though verizon says i'm eligible. so still on the fence, will probably try the pre 2 for 150 and give the keyboard a try.
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