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    htc 7' aluminum body tablet with sense it needed Honeycomb.

    HTC launches 1.5GHz, 7-inch Flyer into the tablet wars -- Engadget

    Sfm Evo
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    ya sexy but I didn't get the 2.3 either. I also thought the 1.5gig was strange as well instead of a dual core.
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    I wana see that stylus in action.
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    I've been studying this one the past few days. I'm sold. I'll use the snot out of the note taking capabilities on this thing, at work and at home, business and hobbies and kids. The 3D gui I could live without but the stylus notes is win.

    Onlive gaming is a nice plus.
    Welcome to

    there is a wifi only version in Europe. Couple that with a Veer for hotspot duty. win.

    (It'd be nice to see some more details on the Opal but that's probably not til fall, for an announcement, anyway).
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