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    Sorry hp but your advantages are being script away, first Wp7 with card multitasking and now Lg with inductive charging with others to fill.

    LG Revolution gets Fulton inductive charging back, HTC and Samsung handsets joining the party soon -- Engadget

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    The thing with HP is not only can you charge inductively but they are also coming up with innovations while the phone is charging. There have been inductive chargers around for a while but there in no interaction with the phone using those chargers other than charging.
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    Called this one, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
    Powermat is already hitting the TV airwaves hard, and if they attract enough customers, I suspect many manufacturers will integrate Powermat functionality into their devices.
    I expected that manufacturers would have gone to Powermat to make the induction covers for them and retain the Powermat branding. Guess the manufacturers figured it would be cheaper to just do it themselves. Powermat's loss, but a gain for smartphone consumers.
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    If they get their stuff together in time, it could make a great marketing campaign, listing all of the features being copied by the competition.
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    Yeah inductive charging wasn't ever really a Palm exclusive. The Powermat guys have been around for a while. Also, integrating Powermat functionality in their devices most likely just means that they'll just add the necessary hardware to allow charging, they probably won't be adding an "exhibition mode" anytime soon.
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    I'm surprised it took other phone makers this long to come around. Anybody with a touchstone or even a powermat would tell you how much better it is to have these.

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    well at least exhibition gives them a slight lead. but im sure once the powermat stuff becomes more standard more apps will do it too... but HP is a step ahead with location aware charging... its a great feature things a moving so fast i really hope HP has a chance to build out its ecosystem

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