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    This is for all the ones who already switched to a different device and was thinking about coming back to WebOS once new devices was announced. So are you or are you NOT coming back?

    I still love WebOS so maybe next year for me.
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    maybe someday but not for the veer.
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    Maybe? It depends on what is available by the time the Pre3 is actually released. I like my EVO. I miss webos and still pull out the old Pre and play with every once in a while but my EVO does everything I need it to with a much bigger screen.
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    Not for the Pre3. But the tablet interested me.
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    I should add....hardware was really a small chunk of the problem with WebOS. People made it out to be the main issue, but there are other areas I need to see they have improved.
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    not a chance. The frustrating thing about HP/Palm isn't the bad hardware they offer.....its the fact that they KEEP OFFERING bad hardware and refuse to embrace innovative ideas and form factors. Its almost RIM-like.

    They had a chance to really make a huge splash on the 9th and what did they do? Offered exactly what people DON'T want......outdated hardware refreshes (Pre3) and the Veer. The tablet was nice, but nothing groundbreaking. Why would anyone come back to a company that doesn't seem to realize and correct the mistakes they've made in the past?

    If I were one of the people that held out for this announcement I'd be pretty ticked.
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    Maybe one day - but after yesterday's disappointing announcements by HP, that day just got pushed further to the right.
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    Come back to webOS? What for?

    P|C members who have jumped ship seem so overwhelmingly happy about their decision. It's nice to not have to make excuses for their phone and pretend they don't want things like apps and innovation.
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    I left Sprint for AT&T iPhone. Mainly because of the FaceTime integration, and Netflix, and my deep investment in the iTunes Media ecosystem.

    I really want to come back to Palm's WebOS, but what is very necessary is a Media Ecosystem.

    Music, can come from Amazon MP3...

    Video? Come on! Rovio/Roxio?! Who the bloody he'll has ever heard of that company?!

    Only way I know of it is from their buyout of Sonic DVD Media/Editor Solutions.

    Roxio as a brand means nothing to me. They are a miniscule piece of nothing.
    WebOS needed to make love to Amazon, and give us a fully integrated suite of Amazon Services.

    They need to keep the Kindle as-is, and use WebOS as their version of the Nook Color.

    What is Rubinstien DOing on the Amazon Board of Directors anyway?!

    WebOS CAN NOT survive long term without its own ecosystem!

    What do you all think?
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    Where's the option "I'm not leaving"?
    Sprint Love
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltaSPARTAN003 View Post
    WebOS CAN NOT survive long term without its own ecosystem!

    What do you all think?
    I think you're correct. Though I'd say it can survive but will not have a meaningful existence without its own ecosystem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooearly View Post
    Where's the option "I'm not leaving"?
    If you never left, why would you respond to a poll about "returning"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by taharka View Post
    If you never left, why would you respond to a poll about "returning"?
    Stop trying to distract me with logic and reason.
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    only if the developer community embraces the platform.
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    I really like WebOS and I believe that it is one of the best platforms. The problem I have with it is that HP/Palm haven't succeeded in creating an ecosystem as complete as the one Apple has. When I get my smartphone I want to be able to sync my music to it. I want to be able to sync my photos, videos and also be able to integrate it to my Mac or PC. Of course there are apps that take care of the music sync, but why should I struggle alone to find solutions to problems that shouldn't be there in the first place?
    I would consider coming back when I see evidence that HP is moving in the direction to create such an ecosystem. At the moment I have a big investment in Apple's ecosystem and I enjoy using my Macs, my iPad and my iPhone. They all work great together and that is the biggest advantage of Apple's platform.
    Of course I prefer WebOS to iOS but features isn't everything. Usability is more important.
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    I just don't see the support for the apps I need or the form factor I like.

    I'm with hatchettjack.

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    I would like to come back (I pretty much had to switch, to an Optimus S when my Pre recently died), but I'm discouraged lately. All I wanted was the simplest thing: a MicroSD card, so that I could store all my music on my phone. Every single high-end smartphone has one, as far as I know. Except the sucky iphone, which at least lets you buy a 32gb version of their phone.

    The only phone that I'm excited about now is the upcoming Blackberry Torch 2, but that's on AT&T. So, I really don't know what I'll do in a year when I upgrade again. I'll give HP's phones a look, but they killed Palm and seem to view their new phones mostly as methods of making you buy lots of other HP products. I doubt I'll switch to a phone that restricts users to only 16gb of storage.

    Looking at the New Pre, all straightened out (giving up on the innovative curved slider), with the Palm logo stripped off, and hearing the announcement the current Pre users will be left without updates to their operating systems has made me think that the spirit of Palm has been pretty much killed off. It's big behemoth HP all the way now, I'm not very sure I'm going to like what they come up with.
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    A year later on Android (DROID Incredible) I am extraordinarily disappointed. Android just isn't a very good platform yet; it isn't inherently bad, but it isn't good, either.

    I won't be buying another Android device. Honestly, I would sooner switch to an iPhone than do that. However, I am hoping that the Pre 3 is decent, and ships sooner than what they have stated in time for my upgrade.
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    With what HP did yesterday it will take them at least a year to build the app support back up to where it is now!. If they're ever relevant again I might, but I'm sure not going to be the one who supports them along the way. Been there done that.
    February 9, 2011 - A case study in how not to introduce new products.
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    I don't think HP is trying all that hard in the phone space. I get the feeling that they are more interested in the tablet/computer spaces than in having really competitive mobile phones. I'm definitely not going back for the Pre3 or the Veer, but the Touchpad looks pretty sweet. Then again, so do some of the upcoming Android Tablets.
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