Ive decided. Im actually going to become the biggest hypocrite and traitor. Im givng Steve Jobs my money this go 'round. He may be an evil **** ******* but at least he doesnt lie and actually keeps his products updated. The only thing I hate about him is he calls his products 'magical'... which ironically are looking more like that with recent events.

Im tired of being let down by Sprint and HP. Sprint for its massively horrible phone line up (for the past 4 years Ive been with them, had an HTC Touch, was lied to about GPS feature 'coming') and HP for taking FOREVER to fulfill aging hardware and softwares and on top of that, lying to the very people who managed to keep webOS alive until they took it over. If we didnt bite on it in the first place it wouldnt be here.

Some may point out I left out Android devices but I cant stand the UI of the device and of course, fragmentation which we as webOS users got to experience first hand with webOS recently. Not to mention everything under the sun accommodates iphone/ipod equipment from my home theater to my brand spanking new top shelf Alpine deck in my Jeep.

Some also may point out about pricing options. Well, with discounts added in, it rounds out to about the same.

So. Ill have three touchstones available very soon. Anybody wants them just send me a box with a return label and ill promptly ship them back. PM me for details.

* Its so sad to see what has happened recently. It sucks to let webOS go. Maybe ill come back down the road when and if HP manages to get their ****** together.