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  • YES!! Pre 3 and Veer are great!

    95 44.60%
  • No, iOS is calling.

    22 10.33%
  • No, Android is where its at!

    57 26.76%
  • No, Windows Phone 7 has my heart now.

    5 2.35%
  • No (other)

    34 15.96%
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    I get the feeling a number of people jumping ship will end up trickling back once they're done slabbing around on other OS's for a while.
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    I kept my expectations low for the HP event but I should have lowered them even further. Nothing game changing and don't see how they are going to steal the cool away from Apple. No wonder why Sprint has not signed onto a Palm/HP device since the Palm Pre exclusivity fiasco.

    It's just a regurgitation of the same old crap. Wait for the coming months and we'll release tech that will be quickly trumped by everyone else.

    After being a webOS user since Palm Pre launch day in June of 2009, I feel violated and the kids in the South Park episode when they sit through the new Indiana Jones movie and compare it to a rape scene.

    The only thing that I can get somewhat excited about is the Touchpad and success of the Touchpad is going to be dependent on apps; the lack of which was not fully addressed. They have a Kindle app coming (hopefully, not going to count on it as I still don't have previously announced features on my Palm Pre). If they can't get Hulu Plus on this will definately fail

    I count 2 form factors mentioned at the HP event and only one is new. The Veer and Pre 3 are one form factor the Touchpad is another. Previous comments from HP people indicated more new form factors.

    The Veer is basically the Pixi mated with a Palm Pre so instead of the candybar form, it becomes a slider. Veer and Pre3 have nothing really to be excited about. Just a spec bumped and resized Pre. Although I don't mind the Pre form factor, it would be nice to have some alternatives.

    No OTA updates for devices prior to the Pre2 is ludicrous. In the coming months, maybe I'll be able to doctor my phone with 2.0. MAYBE...doubtful since I have a Sprint Palm Pre.

    I'm not going to write off webOS yet and jump ship although I am currently regretting my choice not to get an EVO last June or in December when I could get for $100 through Shack promotion. I will be looking into other options in the future...Playstation Android phone looks interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by champiful View Post
    For those that are planning on leaving, what if sprint and verizon somehow announced wimax and lte version? I think they did good with pre 3, they gave us a maxima instead of a skyline, but still very usable and practical. Just out of curiosity for the nay sayers, what app or service is out or soon to be out that the pre 3 can't handle besides nfc and probably dlna.
    wouldn't matter. i was leaving regardless of what was announced. I pretty much decided already. 4G isn't a big draw for me. Apps are though. And i need a platform that's drawing big companies. Besides i hate the Pre form factor so 4G would have made no difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    I get the feeling a number of people jumping ship will end up trickling back once they're done slabbing around on other OS's for a while.
    Yeah, but I'm eligible for my upgrade now. If I decide to pay $150 next week for a new Android phone, I'm not paying full price in the summer for a Pre3 (assuming Sprint even winds up carrying it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    I get the feeling a number of people jumping ship will end up trickling back once they're done slabbing around on other OS's for a while.
    people said the same thing when the EVO hit but i haven't seen a ton of evidence of that except a few people here and there.

    on a side note i'll be interested to see how this poll goes. so far 50% of the respondents are leaving. Not a good sign.
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    After todays announcement it will be tough to stay past my upgrade date (April). They kind of underwhelmed.

    The Pre3 sounds good now but that will be ho hum 6 months from now.

    Pre2 is released way late! Maybe can pick it up off contract in a couple months cheap since no one will buy it.

    What good is a Tablet without out good apps. Where is the announcement of Hulu, Netflix, Slingbox, office editing?? I don't mind these not being on a phone because of the small size, but a tablet needs to replace a laptop/netbook. As it is now, a WebOS Tablet is just a big phone. Not to mention that is months off and MANY android tablets will be shipping before that.

    That Veer looks nice but I am not on GSM carrier.

    I may try an Android tablet since I think Android in general is geared towards a big screen. That may get me hooked...who knows.

    Overall it comes down to this:

    Hardware will be available within weeks of announcement: Nope (Pre 2 on VZW doesn't count)

    You will get 2.0 on current devices: maybe via doctor but doesn't sound promising.

    I don't see today giving WebOS a bigger market share which it needs to survive.

    Maybe I will change my mind "in the coming months".
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    52% of people on this site, the premier site for WebOS supporters, say they are moving on.
    If they couldn't win over the people on this site then how can they expect to win anyone else over?

    The rest of the internet tends to agree with those 52%.
    At least on the Phone front [pre 3, veer]
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    well I have about 6 months left til my upgrade, but after reading the new posts I'm probably not going to stay with webos. I love the operating system, but that's not enough. I'm not going to waste my uprgrade just for the operating system when other smartphones are coming standard with things like front facing cameras and dual core processors. I'll go to a droid phone or the verizon iphone. Sorry hp, but you have about 6 months to come up with something that can actually compete with with the iphone and top tier android phones or else you've lost a customer.
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    oh... And his res screens and hdmi output. Yeah, sorry hp, not sticking with you.
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    all this time and all they have is a veer and pre 3 and its not even ready to go yet smh
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    Of course NOT. An android is calling to my door.
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    I voted Yes

    but really there should be a "Yes I'm under contract for another (long period of time)."

    where things stand then...who the heck can now? I can upgrade in sept and my contract is up in january I think. by then we'll have webOS 3.x or 4, a slab, a toaster and a webOS BB gun along with god knows what else from the competition.
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    How do I cancel my precentral Account?
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    It is sad to read these posts. It really shows the likely future of WebOS. HP has disappointed their loyal customer base with empty promises. I hope I am wrong but it seems the webOS market share will decline.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacTechBri View Post
    How do I cancel my precentral Account?
    You have 5 whole posts. Just don't post anymore, I doubt people are going to notice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phattysalz View Post
    I hope I am wrong but it seems the webOS market share will decline.
    You know that it's current marketshare is somewhere around 2% [including PalmOS] right?
    If it declines anymore, which is very likely in my opinion, it won't exist.
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    Its only going to get worse because the devs are looking at this and know that there will be no one to sell their apps to. So the catalog will dwindle while App Store, Market Place, and WinMO app catalog will continue to expand. Thats whats convinced me to move on from webOS at least for the time being (well actually I cant for another 5 months).
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    Your probably right smart *****.

    Now I have 6 posts.
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    nope, don't tbink so...thanks to Dieter & the rest of the precenteal folks....
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    It entirely depends on whether I give up waiting, and waiting, and waiting. WP7 looks cool, but Microsoft never fails to disappoint me. iPhone is great, and everyone I know that has one loves them, but I need flash, and would like a real OS. Android is too buggy, and the tablets are much more expensive, and buggy.
    WebOS looks great, and the very few I know that use it, love it and highly recommend it.
    Always the bridesmaid. Do I get to be cool next?
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