So, what should I do? I have an original Sprint Pre. It works fine, except for "too many cards" errors and generally lagginess. So I really want something faster. And I want a keyboard. I am considering:

The Intercept on Virgin:
Pluses: REALLY CHEAP. I'd save $$$$ in contract costs. Access to Android apps
Minuses: Phone seems to get mediocre reviews, as does Virgin's service/coverage. It's an older version of Android and unlikely to be upgraded. I'd have to move all my contacts to Google, and I don't know if there's any way to retrieve them and port them elsewhere if I do that.

Evo Shift on Sprint:
Pluses: Looks like solid hardware. Access to Android apps
Minuses: My monthly fee will increase $10, and I'd miss WebOS. Same concern about porting contacts to Google as above

Pre 3 on ????:
Pluses: Hardware is exactly what I want, and I'd get to stay with WebOS
Minuses: It's unclear when it will be available, and if I'll be able to get it to run on a carrier I'm willing to use. No idea what the contract cost would be, or the cost of the gadget, for that matter. It's sort of vaporware. Also, there are these weird lurking stories about the Pre not getting basics right, like the calendars only syncing a few months of data, or email not downloading POP accounts.

Or, I could do nothing and keep using what I've got. I guess it's basically still working.

What say you?