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    If real, these photos are amazing:
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    It's neat, but I'll keep my Treo.
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    Two things that make this a complete hoax:

    1: Apple ditched the multi-colored thing over a year ago. It's been done to death.

    2: The apple logo on top of this thing isn't even an apple logo. Considering that this is one of the top ten most recognized logos on the face of the earth, you'd think someone with this much photoshop skill would have gotten that part right.

    Still, they don't look all that bad. And I don't doubt that Apple will eventually venture into this type of market. But not anytime soon.
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    They just changed their story to:

    Correction: Apple Phone Renderings Depict Fanís Imagination

    The images seen on the right are in fact renderings of an imaginary Apple cell phone made by Japanese artist Isamu Sanada and published at On Thursday, ePrairie inadvertently confused them for real images. We regret the error.

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