I am interested in contracting a software developer to write the code for an application for handhelds and I would appreciate if you guys could help me out with few questions:

#1) Is there a way to develop the same application, the same code, and run it with Handspring and Palm?

#2, #3, #4) What kind of security is involved with handhelds? If the application is developed and become available for Handspring through one of those attachable modules, will other Handspring be able to use it or it can be avoided through a key code? Will any Handspring+module user be able to transfer the application to a Palm user, somehow?

#5) How secure is, nowadays, a software that is downloaded over the web, to a Palm device, so that user can not distribute more copies of the software?

#6) Once the application is developed to use in Palm, can it be easily transformed into Handspring version, for download over the web, and embedded into a module?

If you could answer any of all questions, thank you so much. You can e-mail me directly at max347@bigfoot.com