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    I will address three things: the concept, the app, and the implications for other platforms.

    1. The Concept: As App Advice put it, this is the day print journalism died. It probably won't happen all at once, and it probably started a long time ago. But if print media was hanging out on a ledge, this is one of the forces that will help push it over.

    The tablet formfactor is good for many things, but it is perfect for news consumption. Unless you need the paper to line your bird cage, or burn in the winter, it simply has little use in this age. The Daily is a team of journalists who create first-party news stories the old-fashioned way, but deliver them in a package familiar and comfortable for those who live in modernity.

    Apple is debuting it's new subscription services that will be rolled out to other companies in the near future. An announcement is expected very soon. $.99 per week, or $39 per year, the price is a no-brainer if you are a fan of news magazines. Try it free for two weeks if you are not sure. I expect initial uptake to be high. The potential is endless.

    2. The App: Here is where enthusiasm meets reality. As good of an idea as this is, it falls down a bit when it comes to practice. This is not an Apple app. That is clear from a number of cues, or should I say, miscues. There is zero accessibility built into this app. VoiceOver: the built-in screen reader for the visually impaired that ships with every Apple product, simply does not work for this app.

    Another sign that Apple did not design this app is that the navigation, like so many others of its kind, is all over the place. Pinch to zoom does not work anywhere in the app. There is not even a way to make minor adjustments to the text size. This is very much old-media thinking.

    Also, the app is laggy as heck. I can't tell if it is because of network issues or bad optimization. I suspect both. Having said all that, the content is fine, the writing is contemporary, and the subjects are timely. There are plenty of multi-media gimmicks to keep the short attention span generation busy. This app desperately needs a point upgrade quickly.

    The implications for other platforms: I suspect the only question that matters on this board is should wOS users be worried. The answer is both no and yes. As a must-have app, The Daily is not all that. What you have to worry about is the concept taking hold on all platforms. Subscription newspapers and magazines on tablets is a killer app. If the big names gravitate to the iOS subscription platform and make exclusive partnerships with Apple, it is a bad sign for other platforms.

    I suspect there will be a period of exclusivity, then publishers will consider branching out, much like with apps. That is still not a good thing for the development of a new platform. Very few, I suspect, will try to focus on five or six platforms at once, at least, not at first.

    Even if The Daily is not the end-all be-all, others will be. It is only a matter of time. If I were HP, I would start building a subscription infrastructure, and start making deals right now. This is going to be one of those things that defines the success of a tablet platform. This is just the first play of the first quarter. The game is far from over.
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    I don't live in Modernity I live in SoCal. Can I still pay for free news?
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    #3 a nookcolor last month, and I'll never buy another newspaper (or magazine), in print form, again. currently subscribing to the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal and 3 or 4 magazines for a third of the cost of print. National Geographic was MADE for this display! (you can't pinch to zoom a photo in a mag. either.)

    ...and I can keep all back issues stored on a 32gig micro SDcard. (and rooted, it's a great little $250 android tablet.
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    I'm a news junkie, but apps like this don't appeal to me. Too interactive, too much with it. This seems designed for kids. Just give me the headlines on the left, articles on the right. A pic now and then is ok.

    Plus i don't need a new product altogether. WSJ, local news or business first, national headlines, some other financials, then some sifting through blogs throughout day (like this one) and i'm usually done for the day with it.

    I use a combo of the PC and iphone to do the above. Still don't use a pad for this. Text kinda sucks on it. PC is preferable. Iphone will do though.

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