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    I used an ipad and I don't see a single benefit when I have a smartphone. The tablets are too limited, if I really need to use something portable I would much rather use my netbook. Tablets are like oversize smartphones in my opinion.
    i don't blame you, but you have to own one and put some useful apps, i'll bet you will change your mind. I had netbook, and i think that was $350 waste of money. There's no way I can compare iPad to like Alienware or voodoo or some kind of fansy laptop, but I am pretty confident to say good tablet >>>> netbook.
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    Demand for these ipad like devices aren't that big especially one that barely has any useful applicaitons. Palm / HP is in for a surprise. The Galaxy S is probably barely selling, I know I never saw one in NYC and ipad sales are declining,
    Didn't Apple sell 20 million of them?
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    Was in a local store, stayed long enough to see 2 ipads gets sold and one return. Witnessed 1 tab getting sold and no returns. Boom there's your unquestionable evidence
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