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    Quote Originally Posted by konsole View Post
    Is getting a Pre + on eBay/reseller an option for you?
    I thought about that one for a little bit. I DID like my Pre+ very much, BUT I had had it for a year and I was pretty excited to get the new Pre2. My contract had rolled over so that I can get a free phone. I hate the idea of getting a "new" phone that is already over a year old... I'd like to at least step up a "little" hardware-wise (processor, ram, camera, screen, etc.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by H-Cubed View Post
    well only WebOS offers "synergy" so if thats what your looking for I would hold out for a few more weeks but since you are on Verizon I would look into the Droid Pro.
    We have been talking about this in other threads...

    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    With webOS 2.0, Palm Synergy will move a step closer to Android Account Sync.

    Android Account Sync has been open to third party developers since October 26, 2009. Developers choose if their apps will be available for Account Sync. The user selects which of the available accounts to sync and how often to sync. Contact information from these selected accounts is integrated into a single set of contacts and calendar. Similarly, a developer could choose if their app could be included in Search Results.

    Android has included the basic Account Sync features since Android 1.0, on September 28, 2008. This is also when Android first began using Cards and Swiping for the browser windows.

    Palm first called this kind of Account Sync, "Synergy" in January, 2009. This is also when Palm first showed Cards and Swiping.
    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    Android 1.0 synchronized contacts, calendar, addresses, emails, phone numbers, birthdays, etc. when it was released in September 2008. Today Android lets you select which cloud sources to sync including:
    Microsoft Exchange

    For instance, if a Facebook friend updates their info or photos, your phone is updated. When they call, their photo and current status pops up along with their name and number. To add accounts or change settings: Tap Home > Settings > Accounts & Sync.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    If the new CEO is truthful in what he says, in a BBC interview, he said that products announced on 2/9 will be available "within weeks" of the announcement...
    Quote Originally Posted by edfehrman View Post
    I fear that "within weeks" is simply the new "in coming months"...
    Well, it looks like my fears were correct. Despite the CEO's claim that now product will ship "within weeks" of new announcements, the Pre3 isn't supposed to appear until "this summer".

    Apparently, "within weeks" actually means "5 months"!

    Oh well.

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