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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    And then there's this:
    Apple - MacBook - The $999 notebook.
    I know, I know, $999 is only a little less than $1000, but it's still less. It's also pretty clear from both the price point and that tag line "Even with with so much more to love, MacBook is still just $999" It's pretty clear they're competing with the cheaper guys...

    Yeah, they care. Their fans may not, but they do. They're businessmen.
    Are you kidding me with the whole one dollar comment? Big LOL at you!

    That $999 price tells me that they are not going to sell a laptop unless they are getting a minimum 30% profit margin. That's the bottom line. You can spin it however you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    i didn't say "significant", and i'm not going to get into one of those "no, that's not significant, yes it is, no it's not" silly discussions. If they didn't care, why would they go to the trouble of copying? Simple answer, they do indeed care. They may be able to convince their current fanbase that there are no other options worth considering, but they're smart enough to know that anyone that doesn't own their product now are looking at the competition. And many that do own it are as well.
    lol. Ok.
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    Folks, every thread seems to turn into an Apple discussion. This is a webOS forum, with a specific purpose to help webOS users get the greatest possible benefit from their webOS phone. It's fine to have one thread where we can discuss the merits of each platform or company. But hijacking threads and making them apple threads needs to stop. We will be deleting posts, closing threads, and issuing infractions if needed. Thanks.
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