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    That says something about the products that they produce, doesn't it?
    Or, the people that buy them. Probably a combination of the two.
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    iPhone and Android each have over 200,000 apps but that is totally different than the US smartphone market penetration this thread is about. Profits for mobile operations includes all sources but again, that would be a different topic.

    This thread is about the Comscore analysis of the installed base of phones in use in the US. This is a look back at what smartphones sold in the past.
    My question really wasn't about the Comscore analysis, but about the market share and profits graphs that Untidy Guy put up to counter the information. Looking back at them answered my question. They were profits by the "Vendor", they said nothing about seperating them by vendor profits from the phone sales. I would interpret that to mean that they were profits in general. And you're right, not very pertinent to the dicussion at hand.
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