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    Quote Originally Posted by cobrakon View Post
    Did you even *read* my post?? Apple is announcing iP2 TWO MONTHS ahead of schedule (facts in my prior post) yet you failed to mention them in your response. Since you didn't, I'll do it for you.

    ...Apple is afraid of HP+Palm. No other reason for them to break their standard routine exists except to try and get iPad back into the forefront before HP's devices hit.

    Would love to hear your soft shoe routine regarding this.
    When was the original iPad announced?

    It's kind of amazing the things people overlook in their rush to find a conspiracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    Of the events before HP's announcement, one has nothing to do with them (Macworld)...
    On January 18, 1991, my company was to introduce a big new product line at a major trade show. I will never forget it.

    On January 17, the Gulf War began with bombings. Our division VP changed our announcement to an open bar with TV's tuned to CNN. We instead gave *confidential* briefings one-on-one. We announced the new products instead at the next trade show the next month. Our product was a hit. Everyone who announced on top of Desert Storm crashed.

    Engadget, ZDnet, TechCrunch, Boy Genius, and all the rest only publish the articles that get them the most clicks.

    The tech headlines on February 9 will be:
    Thousands Lining Up for iPhones
    Full Honeycomb SDK Brings a Host of New Features
    Hands-on with the BlackBerry Playbook
    How 3D Will Change Phones
    HP Announces PalmPad and Pre Repacement
    Is Verizon Already Sold Out?
    Will iPad2 FaceTime Change How We Do Business?
    Hands-on with the Motorola Zoom

    Which will get the most articles? Which will be on the evening news on February 9? Only one: "Thousands Lining Up for iPhones."

    I love Palm. I had Palm before it was a phone and still today. But HP can never again use the words Pre or Pixi: the most defective phone and the fairy. If HP is asked about either, their staff needs to be trained to say, "That person over there may know about those..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by pavvento View Post
    Did you receive an invitation for that event? I haven't seen it yet so it sounds to me like you are speculating. Also, I think Apple is more concerned with the Xoom than an unannounced HP tablet running on an operating system that hasn't been widely adopted.'s obviously HP. That's why Apple moved the iPhone to Verizon, you get a jump before HP WebOS phones released there and changed the game completely. In NO WAY did they have their eye on the Android platform and successful Droid brand that Verizon sold. No, sir.

    Also, anything having to do with any tablets this year is a reaction to HP. You can barely whisper their name to execs at rival companies lest you bring them to tears and soling themselves. Nobody is thinking about iPad 2 and the millions of users there. Everyone is scared of HP. Even the carriers who have to carry their products. Lord knows they certainly don't have any pull and must bend to whatever HP wants. It's why the Palm Pre 2 is still coming soon to Verizon...because everyone is afraid of HP, and Verizon knows once they start offering, it's a wrap for iPhone and Droid.

    But no one can hide after Feb. 9. That's the end of life in the smartphone world as we know it. You should see a lot of selling of Apple, HTC, and Samsung stock on the 8th. Apple might even drop below $330 a share, and then HP stock wouldn't be valued at almost 1/7 the value of Apple.

    I mean, could the signs be any clearer....?
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    The competitiors could care less that HP happens to have an announcement coming up...

    All of these "last-minute" announcements were booked at least 6-months ago...
    Quote Originally Posted by RoverNole View Post
    ...@Milominderbinder. Also to say the HP competition could care less about its announcement is a real wow....
    They schedule 6 to 12 months out not even knowing what each other will do. They can't worry about it.

    They monitor what their competitors announcements carefully but they can't worry about when they are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    When was the original iPad announced?

    It's kind of amazing the things people overlook in their rush to find a conspiracy.
    The original iPad was announced last January. Shipped in March. There has yet to be an announcement from Apple when the iPad 2 media event will be. Most believe it to be late Feb/early March.

    Early Feb has so many media events. Google, Sprint, Dell, HP. The tech blog sites will have plenty of content in early Feb, that's for sure. Then, there is the Verizon iPhone launch... There are some high profile Android phones coming out (presumably) in Feb. Motorola Atrix, HTC Thunderbolt, etc.
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    When is the last time HP produced something that a competitor would be afraid of? Are we really having a discussion about corporate fear? Wasn't HP the ones who were afraid of CES presenters outshining them? This is irony.

    Want more irony, HP wouldn't have an announcement to make if they were not afraid of the iPad, and soon to be iPad2. Also, isn't the chant always that competition is good for consumers? Why isn't everyone around here not jumping for joy at all the great options for consumers? Funny how opinions about competition change when you think people are competing against you. This has been an entertaining thread. This is going to be the best Q1 ever, from a tech-head's perspective.
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