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    they use typical usb charger, just like the one with Palm Pre. so it should be same price as any other smartphone charger, except iPhone I guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo View Post
    Wonder how much all the accessories will cost
    There are reports that the laptop dock will cost $150.

    Motorola Atrix 4g Laptop Dock To Cost Around $150
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    Quote Originally Posted by taharka View Post
    Just a tad bit quick to defend the Touchstone eh? LOL

    For the record: I wasn't talking about the joke someone was making about $250 (I assume it was a joke anyway). I was responding to "how much are the accessories gonna cost" post.

    I also gladly paid for some Touchstones when I first got my Pre.
    Lol. Oops. But hey, with the way mfg's are trying to push the cost of accessories.. I wouldn't be surprised.
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