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    It seems to me the reason there are so many keyboard options for Android is the stock keyboard is not very good. iOS has been known for its best in breed keyboards from the beginning. It is not just the autocorrect, but the responsiveness of the touchscreens on iDevices. That cannot be reproduced with software.
    I doubt this. The reason there are so many keyboards on android is because it's the only platform that allows keyboard installation, not because the stock kb can't compete with apples.

    If apple allowed keyboards, millions of people would be all over it... I still here complaints about apple's autocorrect from their loyalist supporters.
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    I barely used the stock htc keyboard on my Evo before installing Swype and Swiftkey. Although I alternate between the two weekly my keyboard of choice is Swiftkey...I just love Swiftkey's predictions. to SwiftKey...
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    The free Beta is still open. The next generation being tested is amazing.
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