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    I don't even know what a top iOS app is anymore. It seems like there's a new killer app coming out for someone, somewhere every day.
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    WebOS will be fine.

    2.0 will bring a LOT more software development, in fact as soon as I get my Pre- in the mail I am going to start writing an application or two (I'm going to school for Network Administration so I'm fairly decent at programming for the web). The problem is lack of adoption of WebOS. If there are no people using WebOS devices then no one is writing apps. Feb 9 should change that...I hope.

    WebOS is a wonderful mobile operating system. In fact, until I started doing my research I hadn't even considered WebOS a viable OS for modern smartphones (thus not buying a Pre until now). I am on a Sprint third party plan and I can't have a 4G phone on my plan, so a Pre is actually the only ARMv7 device I can use and Android is NOT nice to ARMv6. I have had an HTC Hero, a Samsung Moment and on Windows Mobile I've had an HTC Touch Pro. It was a painful experience...

    WebOS is actually a better operating system than Android in terms of speed of applications and it's much more open than iOS. It has the best of both worlds, it's an open and easy to develop platform without wasting processing power due to running apps through a VM. JIT compiler or not an Android app will be slower than an PDK app because a VM adds extra overhead. I feel like this is one of the reasons why WebOS gets more game ports than Android, especially from Gameloft. A Pre- performs similarly to an HTC Droid Incredible on N.O.V.A. with half the clock speed and half the RAM. That is a LOT of overhead, no wonder they wont compile ARMv6 versions on Android, though they will for WebOS (Pixi says hi).

    The reason why Android and iOS have a lead is because Android floods the market with handsets and iOS has an amazing App Store as well as a low-cost MID (iPod Touch). Most people have owned an iPod in their life and those that own one now are hungry for apps. I would guess most of iOS' users are actually on an iPod Touch. In Android's case, there are so many Android devices on low-mid-high ends of the smartphone spectrum, they just get more users faster than any other smartphone OS (at least in the US).

    With that said it's pretty obvious what needs to happen. WebOS needs more devices on more carriers. If HP/Palm is intelligent they will be practically giving away their new devices (at least the low-end models) to get them in the hands of CONSUMERS. If you asked a consumer what WebOS is maybe a few will have heard of it while almost everyone will have heard of iOS or Android. Palm is also associated with old PDAs, most notably the Palm Pilot. People think Palm is living in the past. Palm needs massive rebranding. Another problem is the form factor, most people think the Pre is pretty ugly (I do too actually). Women do not buy ugly phones and that is a HUGE demographic. I spent an hour trying to convince my friend's girlfriend not to by an Optimus because it was an ARMv6 device, while she just went on about it being pretty and purple. I think the OS style would appeal to nearly all users, even technical users would love the linux kernel hidden underneath (can't wait to do some CLI network administration from my Pre-). Cards is hands down the best multitasking implementation on a mobile device (though i don't quite get the benefits of stacking). WebOS 2.0 will also bring Flash to the table (except to Pixi) which should help give it another one over iOS.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just wanted my first post to be a good one and I'm so used to writing articles that I'm pretty bad at editing myself down without collecting all of my thoughts first.
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