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    A friend of mine updated his 3G iPhone to v4.2.1(8c148) via sync through iTunes. He lost all his contacts and apps. He tried to restore a previous restore point and nothing happens. He isn't that techy and I don't know anything about iPhones and can't really help him so I thought I'd ask here. He doesn't know what the previous version was. I'm surprised the contacts disappeared. On my 5th Pre and haven't ever had to re-enter a contact. I kinda thought the iPhone would have a similar capability.
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    Unless he's jailbroken I dont believe he can "rollback" to iOS 4.1. Is he signed into his account in itunes, and has he synched his phone since the update?
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    He hasn't jailbroken his phone and he says he's signed into iTunes and he has synced since updating.
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    he just tried syncing again and says his device ID is (on iTunes) now "unknown". He can view his purchase history but can't figure out why it won't transfer from iTunes to his phone. Full of frustration with his phone, he's throwing in the towel for the night and planning on calling Apple support in the AM. Any ideas, I'm sure he'd appreciate.
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    He needs to restore his device again and when it asked, he should use the old ID that comes up...

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    ok thanks I'll pass that along to him and let you know how it works out
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