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    I just heard on the radio that they were offerred [Dr. Evil voice]6 Billion dollars[/Dr. Evil voice] by Google,to which they refused the offer. Google has now made plans to start their own similar service. All I gotta say is wow, you had your chance.... should have taken the money and ran like the wind, imo.
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    Yeah I can't believe that when I heard it. one must look at exactly what the offer was, I don't think they offered them 6 billion is straight up cash, maybe some in google stock or something of the sort.
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    old date on the story there, wonder why they mentioned it on the radio this morning? Slow day in the news maybe? Aside from a terrorist getting caught in Edmonton and a Guatamalean war criminal getting caught in Lethbridge, nothing going on in Alberta
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    It was stupid at first blush -- but now that they have used that as a "low-valuation" estimate for their pending IPO.... they're going to laugh all the way to the bank.

    Current estimates are putting their IPO north of $15b.
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    Smart move by a very smart CEO.

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