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    Quote Originally Posted by RoverNole View Post
    Look at this way...until Google made Android a free OS, many device makers could only dream of selling sooo many devices and being relevant. Today, this is reality b/c of something they didnt have, the OS.

    Fast forward to HP, which has tried without much luck as you stated, but now to go along with what they have, they have added what many say is the largest/most diverse portfolio on the planet consisting of webOS, etc. This will allow them to do what they could only dream of 7yrs ago.

    So, from a business standpoint, I wouldnt be mad at Apple if this rumor is true, but from a webOS fan standpoint, I am
    Good point. It's easy to forget that the smartphone market is still in a growth stage. If anyone can make some noise in the market, I think HP is capable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    As a webOS fan, shouldn't you be expecting HP's offerings to be able to stand out against the competition?
    Of course, after we know what the devices are. If these announcements are on the same day, this will not be about the competition of a 2nd generation Ipad vs a 1st generation HPpad. We all know what Apple will announce, but for HP, its still a mystery and pure speculations based upon rumors, leaks and bits of what HP has released.

    The Ipad 2 will be an upgrade of the Ipad, while the HP event will be a grand-entry of the begining of the unknown that we are told will deal with devices, webOS and HP's roadmap for the future.
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    <<threads merged with a 4-finger sliding gesture>>
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    <<threads merged with a 4-finger sliding gesture>>
    Mind those gestures - they are easy to misinterpret in an international forum like this one.
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    was that four finger gesture moving forward from your neck to your chin? That could be seen as rude.
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