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  1.    #1 tell me what u guys/gals think.I think its pretty amazing .wonder if the can make webos run like that any way here u go...
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    that HD2 what a hell of a phone, has to be the best single piece of hardware made in the last 2 years. coming out in what 2009 and having a 1ghz snapdragon, 5mp camera and one killer screen, even in todays market, damn.

    Its amazing that a winmo device like that still remains a real competitor in todays market.

    HP should look at the positive aspects that the HD2 had (basically absolutely killer hardware at the time way ahead of iphones or androids) and think how they could do the same from a hardware standpoint, making it somewhat "future proof".

    I strongly believe that, in the long run, HP can make an impact by creating quality devices that will result in good word of mouth and brand loyalty, much in the way some car companies get long term loyalty.

    they need to design phones and products that (non tech geek) people do not even have to think about upgrading for 3 full years. that means no problems with hardware, and capabilities that can be upgraded as needed. It needs to be of quality that, when the contract is done and an upgrade is available, the user does not feel relieved to upgrade. furthermore the user should feel like they could pass the device on to someone else, or retire it to some less intensive duty, like a second car.

    Apple definitely gets that quality counts, HTC is clearly capable of doing the same, and even besting apple at times.

    the Pre has not, by any means, carried that torch. of course its a more complex phone mechanically, as it has moving parts, but that is not an excuse, its something to overcome. the pixi, as far as i know, dosn't suffer from the same issues as the pre, but perhaps we hear less about those due to its smaller marketshare.

    anyway, hardware counts.
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