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    iOS 4.3 for iPad to test new multitouch gestures, AirPlay video for Apps, | TiPb

    Looks like Apple is adding some much needed elegance to their multitasking UI in iOS 4.3. Not ground breaking, VERY familiar, and should have done this from the start. The four - five finger pinch to zoom the launcher is interesting, but not sure how useful.

    Acutally I was expect more to combat the UI assault coming from Playbook, Honeycomb, and that other TBA tablet.
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    I like it. It's a big step towards unifying the multitouch gestures of the iPad and MacBooks.
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    AppleInsider | Apple issues iOS 4.3 beta with Personal Hotspot, new multitouch gestures [u]

    What's most interesting is this:
    According to, iOS 4.3 brings new multi-touch gestures built specifically for the iPad, including 4- and 5-finger gestures. The new beta reportedly allows users to pinch to access the home screen, to swipe up to reveal the multitasking tray, and swipe left and right to switch between open applications.
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    might be cool, kind of a surprise
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Kind of like cards multitasking. Gee, how did they do that?
    They may have taken a look a mobile Safari and decided to see what else they could do with that interface.

    Hey, wait a minute! They copied...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Looks like a good implementation. 2 things from a ui/ux perspective.

    Up swipe to bring up recent app list that is at the bottom of the screen. Icons appearing where you did the gesture would be more efficient here since it would mean less hand movement.

    Swiping left/right looked fast except when he switch to twitter, it has to reload. Guessing because of going from save state to live app (and some from the other app going from live to save state).
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    Very slick, I wasn't too blown away by the iPad when I played with one in the store, but those features alone make it a lot better to use. I would like to see something with pinch out with five fingers to dim the screen and show the most recent apps in large icons covering the screen from left to right, kind of like alt+tab/cmd+tab but fullscreen and horizontal still.
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    I hope apple includes multi touch rotate to rotate orientation.. With two or hpwever many fingers. I thought it was hopeless, but they r changing some things up.. Now i have hope!
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    Before I got my Sprint Pre Minus, I had an iPod Touch. My first impressions of the iTouch were that it really was quite awesome. I stopped using my PC and was checking e-mail and browsing the web on my iTouch constantly.

    Then I got my Pre and learned how to use it. I immediately got addicted to multitasking, gestures, etc (as well as Homebrew and patching!). My iTouch was put on eBay and sold. I never really went back to it.

    Some time passed and I needed to browse the internet, but didn't have my phone. I grabbed my wife's iTouch and I found it to be unusable. The main thing was navigation through the menus, apps, etc.

    The NUMBER ONE thing I found missing from the iTouch was gestures. After using gestures on my Pre, I found it nearly impossible to use the iTouch.

    Now it seems that Apple is adding gestures: Link to article

    What are the Pre community's thoughts on this?


    EDIT: There is a video embedded in the article that shows gestures being used on the iPad. Now everyone will think Apple invented gestures!

    Hurry up HP and get WebOS more well known before Apple gets credit for everything!
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    I think it all depends on how they use them. The playbook apparently got away with it though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    I think it all depends on how they use them. The playbook apparently got away with it though.
    Really? I had read some stuff on the RIM Playbook, but haven't done any real research. I knew about the Playbook copying the WebOS cards, but not gestures.

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    The Playbook even had a swipe up gesture to go into card view. Look up a video on it.
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    Oh, and even flick card off the screen to close an app.
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    AWESOME! Who ever says they copied are just jealous. It looks genius.

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    Just throwing it out there, Apple has been using Gestures on it's trackpads long before webOS came along. This is just innovating something they have been using for years.

    Also, since webOS cards are in the shape or a square/rectangle, any company from here on out that uses a similar shaped screen (every phone known to man) and has it's apps switch from one to another, will be accused of stealing webOS' cards view.

    Ridiculous. My $0.02.

    Edit - Maybe Palm webOS stole gestures from the Opera web browser! Point being nothing is original today, companies innovate off one another and there isn't a thing wrong with it. If you don't want your ideas taken, patent them.
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    It seems like it's sort of a combination OSX's Expose from a few years ago, and 4.0 on iOS - the paneling of screens and, on the iphone, using your finger to swipe away the launcher.
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