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    I switched from Pre to Centro. I know, I know. Pre is a better device, currently supported by both Palm (HP) and the community. There are tons of patches, homebrew apps, hacks...

    *BUT* I really need DocsToGo, and the calendar app of the Pre is simply no match for the Pre one.

    I tried to get a QWERTY phone, but I couldn't so I got two models on eBay: one with AZERTY keyboard and another with QWERTZ.

    I can replace the keyboard itself by purchasing a replacement QWERTY keypad from eBay, but what I can't do is to set the Centro to behave as a QWERTY unit.

    Is there any way to achieve this?

    Also, I found that pressing 'up' on the keypad while resetting (the 'safe boot' that palm os has), there is no mapping at all: all keyboards behave as QWERTY ones, regardless of what's printed on the keypad.
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    Did you try the Preferences? Is the Formats set to the United States already?
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    Thanks but that setting is not there. I remember when I hard reset my Treo 650, that at first screens, I could set where the Z key was, and that way the keyboard was properly configured. But no show of that on the Centro. It seems to me that it's hardcoded somewhere on the rom.
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    OK. I myself did the trick. I will tell you about the 'software' part of it. The 'hardware' part is about buying a QWERTY keyboard, disassebling the phone, replacing the keypad and assembling it again.

    The software part is like this:

    1. Copy Filez or FileProg to your phone (you should already had this done!!)
    2. Disconnect the USB and /or charge cable from phone
    3. Open back cover and remove battery
    4. Press 'up' on directional pad and put battery back (do not put cover back yet)
    5. Let your Centro start again. If you did it right, it shouldn't be starting the phone app itself. If it does, repeat the remove-press-put back procedure.
    6. Press home button and locate Filez or FileProg.
    7. Locate the file KdbLayout_frFR *or* KdbLayout_deDE
    8. Cut / Delete that file. You should be able to do that. If you can't, it's for sure you didn't reset the Centro as I told. Repeat that step.
    9. If you succeed on that, remove the battery and let the Centro boots as normal
    10. Now you should be typing with the standard QWERTY layout (try Memo app)

    The file needed to restore the phone back to is original AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboard layout is still in ROM, so next time you hard reset the phone, you will have to repeat this procedure.

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