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    Kevin Rose: iPad 2 Announced in 'Next 3-4 Weeks' | News & Opinion |


    this was supposed to be palms spotlight moment right? lol - vaporwebos 2.0 ?

    and now some useful info from

    fail - 7 dictionary results
    fail  [feyl] –verb (used without object)

    to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved: The experiment failed because of poor planning.

    to receive less than the passing grade or mark in an examination, class, or course of study: He failed in history.

    to be or become deficient or lacking; be insufficient or absent; fall short: Our supplies failed.

    to dwindle, pass, or die away: The flowers failed for lack of rain.

    to lose strength or vigor; become weak: His health failed after the operation.

    to become unable to meet or pay debts or business obligations; become insolvent or bankrupt.

    (of a building member, structure, machine part, etc.) to break, bend, crush, or be otherwise destroyed or made useless because of an excessive load.

    to stop functioning or operating: The electricity failed during the storm.
    –verb (used with object)

    to be unsuccessful in the performance or completion of: He failed to do his duty.

    (of some expected or usual resource) to prove of no use or help to: His friends failed him. Words failed her.

    to receive less than a passing grade or mark in: He failed history.

    to declare (a person) unsuccessful in a test, course of study, etc.; give less than a passing grade to: The professor failed him in history.

    Stock Exchange .
    a stockbroker's inability to deliver or receive security within the required time after sale or purchase.
    such an undelivered security.

    Obsolete . failure as to performance, occurrence, etc.

    without fail, with certainty; positively: I will visit you tomorrow without fail.
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    Cool story bro.

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    OP seems convinced that ipad 2 will kill palmpad, even though specs for palmpad have not been leaked.. hmm.
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    Actually I do see the connection between his post and

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    At CES 2011 Samsung introduced a Smart Fridge with Wi-Fi, Twitter, Pandora, Epicurious - Oh No! this is the end of my HP webOS toaster! Oh My!

    alarmist - 3 dictionary results



    1. a person who tends to raise alarms, esp. without sufficient reason, as by exaggerating dangers or prophesying calamities.

    2. of or like an alarmist.

    3. characteristic of an alarmist
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    People know ipad. Ipad 2 is much more interesting and whorthwhile than some pc makers new tablet. Facetime..Rentina display!! Apps!

    HP really needs to impress. I'm talkin battery life...screen... Apps.... And all around visual brilliance.

    def not making it easier for them if apple picks the same time frame.
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    The IPad 2's impact gonna be weaker, because there is other tablets in market...

    The same way that the PalmPad gonna be less than could, if was selling ALL world in october or november...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flea View Post
    now some useful info from
    useful in what sense of the word? I didn't know the word fail existed and thanks for being so helpful and imformative????

    or I DID know the word but didn't know exactly what the word meant and thus learned something today??

    maybe I didn't know how to spell the word and AGAIN thanks for that....

    OH NO....none of the was the pronounciation...... I couldn't say it right

    thanks for setting the record straight

    (wonders if you act as smart-assed in real life as you do behind the safety of your monitor.......)

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