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    That's certainly not what I got from the interview. In one of the CES podcasts, Josh Topolsky called him the driving force behind Honeycomb. The UI is a fairly top-level thing as evidenced by the numerous Android skins that just about any manufacturer seems to be able to come up with. I'd say the UI can completely change with any integer version number change. What might hold Android back is the hardware fragmentation, skinning, and the desire to no go nuts messing with the user expectations of their existing OS.
    With Matias in, Android will pass over the software fragmentation in some time soon , but it is hard to say if it will be so soon, by the diversity of parterns Google have.

    In hardware the diversification (instead fragmentation) is in the partners.

    They are from Korea : samsung. LG, from the US: Motorola,Dell, from Taiwan: Acer,HTC, ZTE etc from Japan: Sony, Softbank .All of them have different market visions, different customers habits, different cultures habits, and that is why Matias is happy there having always those challenges.
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    I think the software "fragmentation" will end when users demand it. They'll likely gravitate to the partners that provide the quickest update path or stays closer to the stock experience if/when that becomes something they really want. I'm not sure how much Google plans to do about that. Even Matias says they do not want to prevent partners from innovating on to of whatever Google comes up with. They "want" partners to do what is right for their own consumers.

    As for hardware fragmentation, same deal. People want "their" phone, not "the manufacturer's" phone. So choice is good at this point. Again, when it becomes an issue, consumers will narrow the playing field by ignoring certain types of phones. Example, consumers seem to want slate-type phones so that's what is being made. These things tend to simply work themselves out.
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    If you think Matias created the Honeycomb design then you were obviously not listening. He made it very clear that his work on Honeycomb was iterative and not a complete UI redesign. It will take years for Matias to have a deep impact on Android because he isn't starting from a clean slate. There will be a lot of legacy UI code to deal with first.

    In My Humble Opinion I'd rather see where Web OS is in five years.
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    I deleted all the attempts to derail this thread into an argument about Linux. This thread is about Matias Duarte Does It Again!

    If you want to talk about Linux start that thread.

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