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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    If Honeycomb isn't annouced yet, they should stop showing it..and talking about it...and doing videos...

    Someone needs to text Andy.
    I believe that Honeycomb will be formally annouced at MWC in February.
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    Google handles the marketing for each Android release until the first product is shipped. Then the marketing is up to the OEM's and carriers.

    So Google has had everyone talking about Gingerbread forever and Honeycomb just as long. Google started us talking about Ice Cream months ago. It is shear genius to do the initial leaks out of Russia.

    Google knows that once you actually announce the release, the buzz is gone. So we feel like we got away with a sneak peek in an interview in December. If Google had said that they "announced" Honeycomb in December, the Honeycomb videos from this week would be just as dead as all of Microsoft's WM7 videos.

    But because Google was smart enough to not "announce" Honeycomb, we are in on a secret. Honeycomb videos have gone viral as have the OEM videos this week.

    Google has not spent a dime on advertising Honeycomb and it is a highlight of every local news story from CES.

    Google most certainly did do a full-on announcement of Honeycomb on December 6th. Those All Things D videos have been watched endlessly. Andy Rubin is almost as good a pitchman as Steve Jobs.

    Microsoft did WM7 the old fashioned way and spent an estimated 800 million on marketing and they can't give the phones away. Balmer seems as sinister as **** Chaney. Andy is disarming as a lovable geek.

    Google's "non-announcements" will be a case study for Harvard Business Review. So will Microsoft's mushroom marketing campaign: Keep them in the dark and feed them BS.

    We love Palm but we know more about the Android software, phones, and tablets coming out this year than we know about our own products.

    Hopefully HP will be smart enough to not call any of the new products fairies.

    We will just have to wait for creepy vampire girl to let us know.
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    Creepy vampire girl.. Lol. Who on earth let that marketing firm run those commercials? Clueless. Those commercials were just plain bad.
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    alot of devices for android, and to me if your a android fan or already have android you most likely will go with the top tier devices. Then were does that leave all the others sale wise?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wellwellwell11 View Post
    alot of devices for android, and to me if your a android fan or already have android you most likely will go with the top tier devices. Then were does that leave all the others sale wise?
    With any industry, not all products introduced will sell well. This is nothing new and no industry is immune to it. The point of having different price points is that not everyone wants the top of the line. Flip your question on it's head to see the issue.

    If only top tier devices were produced, where would that leave the consumers who are not looking to spend that much?
  6.    #26 is pretty good about getting the full specs on new products.

    Here are's specs on 39 new phones coming in 2011.

    About half were talked about at CES last week.
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    i am ready to buy a tablet .....

    whoever offers the best combination of features, specs, price and delivery date will get my money


    no android for me, tried it and didn't like it, from what i have seen honeycomb isn't going to be a huge improvement

    i would like to buy a palm but it will have to at least compete with the playbook which as far as i can tell has some very strong specs and strong performance

    ...apps are not to big a deal since a good web browser will do about 90% of the work for me

    if the ipad comes in under 500 grams and has a really hi res screen that would do the deal for me as well

    i have had my pre for about 2 weeks and love it but am open to anything for a tablet
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