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    I like it but would love to have it be Mac OS + Android (I know I'm dreaming) or or Mac OS + iOS.
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    This is the perfect form factor for a mobile device. So many companies are making iPad cases that basically do the same thing. Being able to have a more robust OS (be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS) when using the keyboard, then switching to a tablet OS when taking it off would be a great combo. Linux and WebOS would be my vote for a pairing.
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    I like the concept, but I'm not sure what the difference between this and having a laptop and tablet separate.

    If you have synergy syncing everything, I should be able to do everything on my WebOS device and then show up to work and have it all reflected on my desktop or laptop. Grab the laptop and head of to do Excel or whatever.

    The file syncing seems to be the issue since you're not going to carry two devices anyway. I could see it for true road warriors that need to switch back and forth without stopping somewhere to drop off the keyboard base is they don't need it. For most, the extra heft, expense, complexity will compromise the tablet form factor.

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