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    PalmOs vets will remember Shimon of ShSh one of the great developers we had in the good old days. Rummaging around on the Androidcentral (much harder to find things over there IMO) and look what I found at :

    TakePhone for Android!

    Boy does this bring back memories. Remember the "I-bar" and how that made our Treo's so much cooler than everything else out there? If you have switched (or even if not), give Shimon a visit and say hi, he was a great guy at TreoCentral for many years.
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    I agree about Shimon. He was a dev who cared about things and got things done for us on the Treo. I'm glad to hear he is doing well.
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    I LOVEd TakePhone, it was one of my favorite things about my 600/700/755p
    I was all about or com back then, that was another great community revolving around the Palm devices. I think I watched that site almost as much as I do this one.

    good times, good times
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    Shimon is super. It was like coming home when aTakephOne showed up for the Android.
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    And from what i can tell in the Android forums, he is the same old Shimon -- following the forums, responding to posts, working with users on updates and issues.
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    so why isn't he working on webOS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    so why isn't he working on webOS?
    He wants to make some money?
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    CGK probably has the best answer, but as I recall, he could not access all of the database/contact data in the pre to do what his app does regardng searching contacts and the like. Unversal search takes care of a lot of that in webOS but hard to pull it all together into one app apparantly that does what takephone did on palm and does in android.
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    Ah good ol' Shimon. He was one of the few developers that didn't have his nose in the air. I had some users of my "PhoneSwitch" app complain about it not working quite right with TAKEphONE so I did some investigating and found it was nothing I could fix. I dropped Shimon an email about it and within days a new version of TAKEphONE was out with a custom call to PhoneSwitch that fixed the issue. It's not often a dev will modify his own code so that someone elses app will work right. I hope he's doing great on Android and wish him the best.

    - Phil -
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    Memories. I used all his stuff and was a big fan. 2day was my favorite. Glad to see he is with Android now. glad he is doing well.

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