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    Sad to announce that I will be jumping over to Android until June; when HP will be bringing some new devices to Sprint.

    On Christmas day I dropped and then accidentally stepped on my Pre rendering it useless. This is Pre number 5 for me, using Best Buy's horrible insurance program. Knowing that it was super hard for me to get the last replacement Pre (they had to ship it from a Best Buy 100 miles away) I went and scooped up a used Pre off ebay; and I am gonna go grab a LG Optimus S with my Best Buy insurance.

    I do look forward to WebOS 2.0 and have been eagerly waiting its arrival since I first played with it at the Engadget meetup in NYC.

    I've decided once I get this Android phone I will be lending my ebay Pre to my brother who is still using a Samsung Instinct until he gets a new phone in July. But by then I will have a new WebOS device and leave the Pre out as a wifi only device.

    I'm still gonna hang out at PreCentral, but Ill just be an annoying Android fan*** (I kid).
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    it will be fun to see how long before you try to get your brother to switch phones with you!
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    Maybe you will be the one to port WebOS onto that puppy!
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    Just got my daughter optimus s yesterday, great little device.

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    My sister has one and it is a nice device.

    Sfm Evo

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