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    Quote Originally Posted by RoverNole View Post
    Again, my thought is HP will announce and advertise on its terms and I dont think they realy care what a few tech geeks from Precentral or any other sites think they should do before their timeframe.

    If you think HP has the ame model as old Palm, then I willing to bet you are incorrect. Just b/c all these companies are fighting each other will have NO impact on HP when they take their devices public.

    Lets see if engaget, the carriers and others are not on board or partnering. I know we all want something already, but I like what HP is sticking to its plan, rather than trying to out rush companies for CES print. They will command print when they are opinion.
    What IS this plan you speak of?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    What IS this plan you speak of?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Rubinstein
    ...we have a plan that carries this company forward. Now, we need to be frugal and we need to invest in those areas that have the best return for us, but when I read that we're going out of business or our stock is worth zero or those kinds of things, it defies logic to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Rubinstein
    We've said we have a plan that takes us to profitability.
    My fear is that it's the same "plan" that's always been in place.
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    My fear is that we won't hear anything new. We (as Palm fans that is) need to hear something.

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    I guess the plan is to release a range of connected devices over the next 12 months, which is the exact same plan every manufacturer in this space has, except we can see tangible progress from them.

    Rubinstein claiming this is a plan is like GM claiming that their road to recovery consists of selling cars people want at a profit.
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    I think simple is good. The US plan for defeating the germans was "advance to berlin and capture it".

    Of course I understand your point, but imagine what you'd say if they said "the plan is to buy a phone maker for the IP so we can build a family of web connected printers and other devices that haven't been invented.

    At least the plan you suggested has them playing in the right game, and for the appropriate trophy.
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    cheesiest video ever. i hope the iPad 2 kills it (or PalmPad but we'll see about that).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Also, I would be surprised if Honeycomb is anything more than a more tablet-friendly version
    I read somewhere about a month back that Honeycomb was a full user interface change for android based based largely on the user interface of the gallery program. And that it would eliminate a phone makers like HTC or Samsung's, ability to skin a device. They would all get the same User interface. So it would end Sense and other skins. Obviously i don't know if that's true for sure. Time will tell but if so i think the fragmentation issue may be much diminished.

    But by that rational it would also be quite a bit more then just a tablet friendly version. Again time will tell.
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    MotorolaTablet apparently with Android 2.4 Honeycomb will be announced at CES 2011 as the video ad below shows. IMHO the Ad is a well thought commercial, interesting publicity.

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    please hold for a merge...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    Tablet Evolution presented by Motorola

    The video features a bee which suggests the Honeycomb version of Android. You didn't think the most anticipated tablet announcement at CES was the PalmPad did you?
    Nope, the iPad 2.
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