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    We have just completed deleting a number of posts.

    This is the Cross-Platform Chat Forum.

    Please review the purpose of this forum:

    Palm Devices (Pre, Pixi, Treo, etc) vs. iPhone. Windows Mobile vs. BlackBerry. This is the place for "What should I get" and "My smartphone can beat up your smartphone." Formerly the Smartphone Round Robin Forum.

    This forum is the place where you are supposed to be comparing Palm products to other platforms.

    If you do not want to hear comparison to other phones, please just avoid this forum. Similarly if you do not want to read about other phones, please avoid the Other Hanrdhelds Forum.

    If you feel that someone is posting something that is not appropriate, please press the white and red triangle "Report" button under their name.

    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nappy View Post
    You're a good example to use, though, because you admit you weren't open to the possibility that Android is actually pretty good.

    The Cross-Platform section of P|C has been a rogue's gallery of former Pre users who insisted they would never even use Android because it's clunky, the EVO is too big, etc. One by one they've been switching to Android and, like you, most of them seem beyond thrilled at having made the migration.

    I mean, man, I still can't believe Hatchettjack is using Android now...
    Yeah def. But again, i don't think android hit its strides until 2.1. The hero and the Moment when i used them didn't feel great to me. Thats how i ended up with a Pre (it shows well).

    I did learn one thing though, i don't want to be part of the growing pains of an OS again. In some ways its fun, the community grows with it, finding out tips and tricks and just being different from every other phone owner....but at the same time i think back of the issues i had, the 3 phones i swapped, the 40ish patches i needed to make the device feel complete.

    Same reason why i'm waiting a year before even taking a look at Windows Phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain Mantis View Post
    As much as i like the idea of WebOS (and i said it before and i'll say it again, it was the best phone on Sprint at the time for me) the OS is just still not complete.

    And i'm not blaming Palm/HP....Android was a mess when it first launched even more so but Google did bust their *** to bring it up to Gingerbread now which is night and day even from version 1.6. Even then, the developers and SDK and APIs fill in any holes Google missed.

    Palm just needs to focus on improving and optimizing the OS and SDK. If it takes time, it takes time, but Windows phone 7 is coming out strongly in those departments and honestly, it feels like the last year of WebOS devices will net them nothing but a small group of hardcore Palm fans.

    Lets be honest a lot of the WebOS devs (who are not major companies) develop because they like WebOS...while android and iPhone devs develop for money and success.
    Agreed that webos is unfinished. There are tasks I still can't do on the Pre that I easily accomplished on the Treo Pro with WM 6.1. Apart from a (slightly) easier ability to switch between tasks and a nicer screen I've actually lost productivity by switching to the Pre. Plus I can't backup text messages, memos, etc even with upcoming webos 2.0. Now with epocrates leaving webos I'm in a quandry, in May I'll be 9 months into a 2 yr contract but will definitely have to switch to another platform as Epocrates (even in it's crippled webos form) is an app I use daily. I'll probably be leaving palm for good after 12 yrs of use.
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