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    Yeah please explain to him what a well built phone should feel like.its obviously going to look like a brick.I still love the pre but it feels cheap

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    The evo isn't for everyone. I love the solid feel. But I can understand why its size isn't for is a little bit like a hybrid phone/tablet. But some of us want that. Seems to be the hottest phones are 3-4 inch screens now.
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    I've had my EVO since October and it has not let me down even once.

    It's built like a tank (yet thinner than an oreo cookie, dis towards Pre intended) and I know I can count on it whenever I need it.
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    of course the current gen of android hardware is better than the pre's.

    but some people have pre pluses, with slightly better hardware than the original pre, and have never heard of a too many cards error.

    I personally enjoy the pre plus's snap closing slider phone and the feel in my hand. Hp certainly needs to improve the durability of the hardware, and I think they will.
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    I use my highly patched Pre Plus as a business tool. Just got my wife the HTC Incredible, and set up lots of email accounts and two calendars, including my accounts because I wanted to understand how Android could work as a business phone. I love the HTC hardware, but boy am I disappointed in Android's email and calendar apps. I've moved to the K9 email app and that is a lot better, but the email and event notifications are totally unacceptable for me as a business user.

    I found some free notification apps for email and calendar, but they are still so off the mark from what I've become accustomed to with WebOS/w patches. I'm not trying to bash Android here, because there might still be better apps/hacks/whatever that can improve things and I'm not aware of them yet... perhaps some paid apps would seemingly work miracles - I dunno. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    But two weeks into owning the Incredible, I can only say I love the nicer hardware/screen and a working Google maps (Verizon) with Voice Navigation, and I think the Voice features are really cool... but for email and calendar apps/notifications and the "fewest keystrokes" ease of using said apps, I am not convinced yet that Android is even remotely close to being ready for serious business use. WebOS is still a slight step back from my old Treo 650 in this regard, but much closer than anything I've seen yet.

    I'm willing to keep playing with the Incredible and even pay for a few apps to see how much better these core apps can get, but from what I've seen so far I only feel I'd be wasting my money hoping for a miracle. I'll have more time to work with Android over the upcoming holidays, so if anyone has advice please send me recommendations - I want to believe in Android because it has so much momentum behind it.

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    To those that think android is a crude and ugly OS. I thought so too, until about 3 days ago.

    My android desktop looks better than my webos ever did (screenshot on the bottom.)
    I can swype up anywhere on the screen to bring up the app launcher.
    I can read previews of notifications and swype away the ones I'm not interested in reading or calling back or I can clear them all at once.
    I have 3 screens (had more but removed 2 cause I did not need them), one with the default screen, one with commonly used apps and widgets (overclocking, led flashlight, one touch wifi etc.) and one with apps for my daughter.
    I have battery percentage inside the battery icon.

    Now none of these things come with standard Android phone, but I've done all this inside 3 days of owning my droid with absolutely no prior experience with the phone, and I have acess to tens of thousands of apps.

    Hardware-wise I have a keyboard that doesn't double type.
    I have 854 lines of vertical resolution.
    I have a phone that under heavy use lasts me through the day and has 30-40% of battery left instead of having to charge by 6PM.
    Bluetooth sounds clearer in my car.
    GPS has accurate location within 2 seconds of starting google maps.

    Yeah, guess what? I don't regret switching one bit. In fact I wish I've done it sooner.
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    I originally had the Sprint Pre and I went to the HTC Hero because of all of the hype about Android and the multitude of free apps. I also liked the fact that I could scan barcodes and check nearby locations in order to get better deals (I only used it twice in the entire duration of my Android experiment). I got irritated with the slow hardware on the Pre so I rooted it, installed Cyanogen's ROM then I overclocked it as well. I tried many different configurations and it was faster, looked better, and had more features than before, but I was plagued with random restarts, insane lag every now and again, and just general frustration with the lack of quality in the applications on the Android market. The Android market seems as though it's quantity over quality and that is something that bothered me a lot. They brag more about the quantity of the apps yet 80% of them are poor. I then tried the Samsung Moment and the hardware was worse than the HTC Hero's. I had that phone in Sprint's repair store 8 times total in the 4 month span that I had that phone. Then I tried the Samsung Intercept which is essentially a Samsung Moment that is slightly smaller with an incredibly low resolution screen and super slow EVDO REV.0. It took about 35-45 seconds to open up and that's unacceptable. I had that phone for 3 days. Then I went to the Samsung Transform which is almost the same hardware as the Samsung Moment without the Super AMOLED screen and with quite a few bugfixes and multitouch added to it. That phone was incredibly buggy and laggy with the new Sprint ID bloatware. I almost bought the EPIC 4g but i'm too stingy and I didn't feel it was fair that I had to pay an extra $10 a month for a service that i didn't benefit from (4g/WiMAX). I went back to my Pre and I forgot how awesome it was. I'm incredibly happy to be back.

    On a sidenote, I bought my girlfriend the LG Optimus S and it's a pretty awesome Android phone that isn't bogged down by the Sprint ID bloatware. It's still on there but it doesn't seem to slow down the phone. I still will stick to my Pre because I still think WebOS is a much better OS, the physical keyboard is better than a virtual one, I love the look and feel of the Pre, and I don't like the lack of quality in the applications on the Android Market.
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    This thread is why I'm thinking about making the switch. Just scroll through the pages and look at all the gorgeous customized home screens:

    Lets us peek at your Screens! - Android Forums
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    I also am currently using a Nexus One that i just bought and the hardware is miles better than my pre plus. Solidly built, no creaks or any kind of 'cheap' feeling. I don't feel like i have to baby it.

    Android has also come very far since i last used it at 1.6 cupcake. Sooo fast, some nifty functionality and endless customization (which can be a bit daunting). webOS/iOS UIs are still overall superior but it's nice to be getting regular updates, more apps (of which most are free e.g. Angry Birds) and access to Google's exclusive services.

    One thing that annoys me though is its harder to take screenshots and choosing a custom wallpaper has got to be the most annoying method i've ever seen on a smartphone. You have to crop every single thing instead of automatic scaling which means things just look...naff(tacky).

    My Pre+ is currently on eBay, i'm looking for an excuse not to sell it but i have to say i'm finding it difficult to find one.
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    the evo could almost be called a tablet ! If I didn't work in construction , I might try it out , but as it is I need something slim on my side or it won't matter how well it's built !! Lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    To everyone that got an Android I been thinking about switching soon but wanted to know if most of the apps I use have an alternative on the Android Market...

    -Mode Switcher (i know about Tasker but is it any good)
    -ClassicNote (must have a nice note taking app)
    -Flash Cards
    -A+ Student Organizer
    -Xbox Live Friends?

    As you can see I don't care about games just usefull apps..
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    I'll admit it, I have "app envy" ;-)
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    App Envy was the first reason i started to leave webos .

    If the Webos tablet can sell and be a hit people will make Apps for Webos in a few years. But its just a challenge. Can you blame App makers for ingnoring Webos when the consumers have ignored it. you go to the Blackberry forums and they think there going to take the number 3 spot after Iphone and Android. the Windows forums think that Windows is the number 3 . Webos folks dont have a monopoly on thinking that they can be the number 3 phone in the US. Odds are they all eat into each others numbers and the battle for number 3 goes on for years. Webos is really reliant on a tablet doing well since no one really uses the phones. Apple and Android tablets have such a head start. tough road but its do-able with a top of the line tablet.
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    Well, to help me deal w/ my "app envy", I'm thinking of getting a B&N Nook color. As of Jan. it will be running Android 2.3 and rolling out an App cat.

    I'd like a dedicated book and mag. reader, and the Nook Color is pretty darn close to a tablet. ...and for $250, it's a steal. It will be fun to mess around with and get to know android a little better.

    If an Android ever came out with a Pre form factor (I love it, for a phone), I'd HAVE to try it. ;-)
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    What up dude?this evo is much slimmer then the pre.fits better and more comfortible in my jeans pocket then the pre did. Pre left a bulge in my pocket,evo you don't even know it's there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    Do they not have cross platform chat at android?
    yes, but that's not the point, is it?

    I like finding out how Pre users, who have used Android, made the transition and what they think of it after using it for a while. I find it very valuable, as I am interested in many different OS's and devices.

    ...and I think Pre users offer a unique perspective and can be very helpful.

    If I were to switch to an Android device, I will probably frequent the AndroidCentral Cross-Platform Forum to get help from other former Pre owners.

    It's just a phone, after all.
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    Dandar, what did you install to do this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanaka View Post
    One thing that annoys me though is its harder to take screenshots and choosing a custom wallpaper has got to be the most annoying method i've ever seen on a smartphone. You have to crop every single thing instead of automatic scaling which means things just look...naff(tacky).
    Get the free app Wallpaper Set & Save. This app will automaticly scale pictures to fit your Android phone and set it as your wallpaper. The original resolution of my wallpaper is 1920/1200. Wallpaper Set & Save scaled it perfectly to fix on my HTC Incredible.
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    ...this is an amazing home screen!

    android homescreen.png

    complete w/ animated falling snowflakes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    The evo is not that much slimmer than the pre but you can convince yourself of it if you want
    Really? Because I have both and I can tell you for a fact that the Evo is much slimmer and there is a huge difference in "pocket bulge" between the two.
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