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    Interesting article from Engadget from a Blackberry diehard who is waiting for Blackberry to bring out the new stuff. Sounds like a WebOS user. Ha-ha

    Editorial: RIM seems to be as lost as my BlackBerry -- Engadget
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    Wow you are dead-on. Change the name of the company to Palm and substitute the name Lazridis with Rubinstein and he could write another article and still be exactly right.

    This line, "but Apple, Google, Microsoft and Palm aren't going to sit still while RIM gets to work", however should be edited to delete out Palm. At the rate Palm is going they will wait while RIM gets to work.

    I have been a die-hard fan of this platform from January 2009 but everything in the article resonates even including the choice he made to go with a Droid 2. I think that is what makes me believe that its time to move on for me and maybe look back when webOS and the hardware coming from HP has matured.
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    yes, but don't you want to wait 3 weeks for CES?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    yes, but don't you want to wait 3 weeks for CES?
    Exactly! +1
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    reading that has me feeling RIM is in a worse spot than Palm...
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    RIM is in a MUCH worse place than Palm. Michael Mace explains why their apparently strong financials are like an athlete about to have a heart attack.

    Companies tend to assume that because the adoption curve is drawn as a smooth-sided bell, your demand will tail off at the end as gradually as it built up in the beginning. But that isn't how it works. At the start, you are slowly building up momentum from a base of nothing. That takes years. But by the time you saturate the market you have built up huge sales momentum. You have a strong brand, you have advertising, you have a big distribution channel. You'll gulp through the late adopters really rapidly. The result is that sales continue to grow until they drop suddenly, like a sprinter running off the edge of a cliff.
    The article is full of really interesting graphs; it's a valuable lesson for any developer.

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