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    I'm not leaving my Pre because I love it.

    However it was pretty fast (at least in the 'big city') but the home page lay out is UGLY and the representative showing it said it eats batteries like a starving coyote eats a dead roadrunner.
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    What phone did you look at? And what other impressions did you have about it?
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    I played with an HTC HD7 (I think) in Best Buy today and was really impressed. The interface is very fluid and attractive, and the system apps opened very quickly. The Maps app was particularly nice.

    The screen was really nice on the HD7 too; really bright and colourful. Quite impressive.

    Everything worked nicely and looked very clean and modern looking. I could be persuaded by WP7 when my current contract is up for renewal, if Palm don't get their act together in that time. I'm starting to lose faith in them being able to compete next year, particularly as I'm in the UK, where Palm has never been a big player and the Pre/Pixi experiment seemed to be a bit of a failure, as with everywhere else.
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    I just got through with 2 weeks playing with an ATT Samsung Focus. There were things I really liked about WP7 as well as things I didn't. The main thing I'll miss though is the hardware. The super AMOLED screen was gorgeous. I didn't miss multitasking as much as I thought I would. But battery life seemed even worse than my pre (or I've gotten used to the convenience of thetouchstone, so it is easier to keep the pre juiced up whenever I'm at home. I missed the physical keyboard some, but I think it is an adjustment I could learn to make. What I really missed from webos though was the notifications. The wp7 live tiles just give you a number...and I really like being able to see the little preview of the last message in webos...and the ability to give each account it's own notifcation ring. In wp7 it's all or nothing, all emails give an audible alert ot none. I like being able to have my work email chime in webos and my personal accounts not.

    the facebook integration on wp7 was great.

    I returned the focus within my return window mainly because sprint was able to solve my longstanding connection/coverage issue @ my house. Ended up the airave they'd sent me back in may was faulty...either that or the new airvana ones just work phenomenally better. Anyway I've had two great customer service experiences with sprint in the last month (the other being a good replacement experience with my pre over a broken power button), so that, coupled with their cheaper rate plans has me staying with my pre for now. But if something better webos-wise hasn't come out by the time a decent wp7 handset comes to them, I might just jump from the palm ship then.
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    I've actually played with the samsung focus the quantum and the surround they were all great bulid quality and I love the new WP7 UI it's very modern and different the performance was really great and the trastions we pretty the smoothness of scroll and touching was very close to the iphone I liked it alot whenever sprint gets a good one I think I'll get it... But I KNOW I'll miss these damn cards hopefully WP7 matures quickly and brings in those missing features.

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