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    Quote Originally Posted by protofa View Post
    wont vote for the pre. palm had no business producing the phone. they should of made only the pixi with a 3.1 screen and the pre's processor.

    a phone company with limited resources should concentrate on only one form factor. preferably that which is familiar to its legacy user base, who will ultimately be its early adopters.
    IOW - you wanted Palm to produce only to your personal taste and you assume that your personal taste is shared by most people.

    If only your version of Pixi were available I probably would be writing messages on AndroidCentral right now.
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    The Pre is soooo 2009.
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    wow, the Torch users just showed up and made a big surge.

    great hardware so I'm not surprised.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    wow, the Torch users just showed up and made a big surge.

    great hardware so I'm not surprised.
    I've heard otherwise from my friend, she also said the UI is super laggy at times as well.

    Haven't gotten to play with it myself though.
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    EVO is gonna own this poll
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    I voted evo and dont even own one

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    The Pre+ seems pretty early 2010 imo

    Pre 2 with a slightly larger screen (3.5"?), microSD slot, better camera (720p video and autofocus), wireless N wifi, dedicated hardware camera button, and a better battery would be competitive. And that front facing camera. Can't forget that.

    The Torch seems to fall in the same medocre hardware category as the Pre+/Pre 2. :/ Just doesn't have a pretty OS like webOS.
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    It's not looking good for the Pre Plus. Oh well, guess we can't win 'em all.
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    the Torch is really making a charge.
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