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    before the playbook, I think webos on a tablet wouldv been exactly tha same as on the phone. Now, they're going to have to inovate. I really like the os, and the tie into the hardware. It goes beyond what palm did into things I was all ready thinking about

    this makes me exited for where the tablet market is going
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    The Playbook does look nice. I'm wondering what the battery life of it is surfing the web or playing video. Anyone know?
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    well lawsuit or not, as long as HP delievers with the hardware, higher specs, and a 10 inch tablet (which should be NP) Webos will put even this to shame. BB can try to imitate, though it is not as innovated, or elegant as webos. Just using different type of laptops (at my employer) HP's design, specs, and comfort is very mindblowing compared to Apples, and Dells it really is. HP seems to strive on their high end devices to have every conceivable option on it as well. To me I'm really curious to see HP's resources putting Webos on a capable Smartphone, and Tablet I think it will be a knockout. Also using the Slate at my employer, that thing is very very fast, and sleek I see why they were sold out.
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    Palm is late to the game once again. First with smart phones, now with tablets. And dont get me wrong, webos is GREAT. But the MORE companies that enter the market for something, the HARDER it is to compete.

    Had it just been iphone vs webos? Sure maybe it woulda been a different game. But android was already in the game with their explosion of devices

    When everyone has their tablets out, its not going to be ipad vs palm pad....its going to be ipad vs galaxy pad vs playbook vs palm pad.

    We can argue about aw man RIM stole webos's thunder.....well....yeah. cuz palm/hp are sitting on their **** for so long.

    Everyone seems to think that other companies care. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE OTHER GUY IN BUSINESS! its a dog eat dog world, and every company is going to do whatever it takes to be better than the other guy. And it looks like everyone is doing all they can to get ahead.

    We havent even SEEN or HEARD anything about a palm pad demo (maybe at CES).....and already were seeing the playbook and galaxy tabs.....they are a step ahead of palm/hp again

    Im done making excuses saying oh they dont have money to be fast, or oh the buyout, or oh android marketing. no more excuses. Give a product or lose relevance.
    Motorola i710 > Motorola i760 > Samsung M520 > Palm Pre
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    Thank goodness wOS was totally fresh and innovative, and not at all derivative of any other popular OS on the market at the time. Otherwise, the whole basis of this thread would be extremely ironic and ridiculous. What? Oh. Nevermind.
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    I just saw a tweet that RIM is giving a tablet to every developer that gets an app accepted into the catalog!

    come on Palm, pay attention!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    Doubt they would have anything. It's not like you swipe the card away, you use a "swipe up" gesture to exit the app.
    actually you do throw the card away to exit it. I saw a video and that's what they were doing. Edit: I just watched the video and they did the same thing. And if you notice when they say what you do they do it very quickly and move on. The video I saw the guy pretty much ignored the guy saying so you just throw it away? It's got to be because they know that's a complete webOS term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I just saw a tweet that RIM is giving a tablet to every developer that gets an app accepted into the catalog!

    come on Palm, pay attention!!!
    They are, they're giving out coupons :P
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