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    I just picked up the HD7 on T-Mobile yesterday. It was sort of a researched-impulse buy but I took the plunge and I have 14 days to figure out whether or not I want to stick with this phone for the next 2 years.

    I don't want to go into a long drawn out explanation of the differences between the two phones but basically MS's campaign is based around their concept of widgets ("tiles"). BUT, the UI of WP is not as simple as webOS. Managing the wifi/bluetooth radios takes you digging into the setting app. There's no universal search either, so I'm forced to FIND all the apps I want to use that I haven't pinned to my start page.

    I can manage my phone much easier and get simple tasks done quicker too on webOS, bottom line. The few advantages that HP has left in webOS better be capitalized on with a massive, catchy, and demonstrative marketing campaign or else HP and webOS will be forever stuck in last place.
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    I say go with the next best os for you if you are fed up waiting for hp. And try to enjoy it. Time will tell if hp is serious at all about the smartphone market. Perhaps lots of time.
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    Agreed. But it is frustrating that an OS with so much potential is being squandered by inept management.

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