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    That right folks party in the front and business in the back!

    Dell Inspiron Duo review -- Engadget

    - Junk software & Screen & general Dell suckiness
    + Envy Styling
    + Dual boot Win7 & webOS that switches between OS's dependent upon screen Orientation
    + Shared "usb partition" for access to files or just a cloud drive.
    + Jeff foxworthy as spokesman
    = Success
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    *Blinkblink* Does WebOS run on x86 or x64? Didn't know that.
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    Emulator does, and some have hacked it on to pc's. Pretty sure its basically Linux so i don't see why HP couldn't make it run on x86 or x64, but i could be wrong.
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    <<thread moved>> not exactly a future Palm device
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    ....only time will tell

    I think ya missed the point. The dell was just example of what i want to see HP do.

    I want a similar tablet that dual boots webOS and Win7 that flips between operating systems depedning upon screen orientation, but shares the same files wehter from the cloud or local storage.

    ie typing something up in word and then switch to table mode (aka WebOS document editor of the future) to show someone else, or to get them to digitally sign with their finger or sausage stick if its cold outside.
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    webOS = Party in the front

    Win7 = Business in the back
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    I see what you are saying, and I think that is an idea worth exploring.
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    They would probly be blamed for marketing to moms again though considering these are the only pics that show up on bing image search


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