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    i personnaly dont think wp7 is selling well. its either iphone or android is what is in demand or the talk of the consumers.

    android os is selling well because of the flood of phone choices and the growing list of apps. oh and the marketing. i think verizons market for the droid pushed android to the top
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    according to the article below, windows phone 7 receiving lukewarm welcome in UK:

    U.K. retailer says Android is outselling Windows Phone 7 by a margin of 15 to 1 - Phone Arena
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    You guys can ***** on WP7 all you want but it's pretty much a breath of fresh air. I just turned on my Pre for the first time in days to play some games I'd bought already and it feels like a step back. I think what webOS excels in is efficiency, but it needs a lot of work. It's so beautiful but it's seriously cramped on this screen. Granted, I'm using the HD7 so the difference is night and day, but a 3.8in screen is the bare minimum for whatever phone they release next year.

    Give it whatever processor it needs to make everything consistently fluid, no lag anywhere. Market it's differences and freshness to existing smartphone owners who may be tired of iOSs staleness and Android's lack of efficiency. iOSs UI hasn't changed significantly one bit since launch.
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