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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    Based on the last 4 pages(based on my own interpretation).....
    26 don't hate/like/love Apple.
    9 hate Apple.
    2 don't care.

    well looks like this one's a wrap, anyone that felt the need to say they hate Apple has had plenty of time to do so.....

    Soooooo what else can we argue about?
    But... but... you forgot the one that loves Apple...
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    Quote Originally Posted by stung View Post
    I don't hate Apple. If I could trade the webOS app store selection for their app store selection, I would. Case closed.
    You know what? I am actually going to have to agree. As faras system wise I think it's cool how webos is easy to patch, but as far as the argument about webos being so open and a better app environment to me, as a consumer, it doesn't mean much unless it shows and thus far it has not. I am not an apple ****** at all I like my iPod and my pre, b
    And given all the apps the iPhoe has webos could have killer apps because of the extra functionality like synergy it has, as well as multitasking is so much better on the pre (not refering to elegance but the actual multitasking itself) but the app store is crowded with so little usefull, elegant apps which are in the apple app store. There's an awesome and elegant bill app by pageonce, there's an amazon app which utilizes barcode scanning products and comparing Ben on amazon, there's an almost desktop equivalent facebook app, mobile apps for several of my credit cards and banks which make it easier to pay bills, there's eBay apps of different varieties which make it easy to post lisitings right from your phone, let u use a barcode scanner to scan for the item and show relivant prices to sell or buy at, the iPhone blogs mobile site saves as an app when bookmarking it, quickoffice, multiple varieties of games including some really amazing rpg games and some classics, 3d chess and other cool stuff, netflix*******, blackboard mobile, webos, and so many other utilities and usefull apps that make it fairly easy to find what you need in the app store. Webos has a few great apps, like A+ student organizer both looks and works amazing as well as tweet me, but only a handfull of apps I need or want are available and the quality of some of the apps is just bland or not very functional or both. Webos is way better as an os and when multitask g on my iPod I get so frustrated because I know I cam do so much better on my pre, I just wish we had the app store, as it is really the only thing that makes me use my iPod 3x more then my phone. Imagine if we can have an app ecosystem like apple on webos. That is one thing HP has got to figure out, how to get the big boys on here, windows phone 7 is catchig up to us in app count quickly I'm sure they will surpass our app number fairly quickly in a fraction of the time it took us to get there, the have netflix for one Which is huge and from what I understand the quality of their app store is much better. Please don't take this as a complaint for more apps but simply a view as to what most people think about the app situation. We need good, quality apps soon otherwise what good is an awesome os? It's frustrating because there's alot of potential in webos and it's hindered by it's app store and hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToniCipriani View Post
    But... but... you forgot the one that loves Apple...
    all people that didn't outright say they hated Apple were grouped together, unless they (2) didn't care .... I may have miscounted, but I tried to get an accurate-ish count
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    I hate Apple.
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    what the bleepity bleep bleep... Nice of you to show up on time Mr. Tarpon.....any reason why you're late for piping up your infatuation with Apple??? Oh no don't tell were too busy playing with your.....what do all the cool kids call them these days......Annnnnn-duroyd?....or maybe one of those other gizmodogits. Next time......and trust me....there won't be a next time.... If you're late on bringing the hate to Apple, I will veto your vote and put it on the love side..... I'm watchin you Mr. Tarpon
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    I hate broccoli.

    once you get it in your mouth it like explodes into a million tiny nodules of nasty broccoli buds and the taste just lingers until you get every damn bud out of your mouth which takes like gargling for a minute with battery acid; or milk will do. Damn you mom for making me eat broccoli.
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    Apple is fine, its just their fan(people) you gotta watch out for!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    It should force Apple to stop trying to strangle the users that want to choose the jailbreak and non-iTunes route then...
    I wish Apple wouldn't do that. Yet I believe in Apple's right to offer any user agreement they want and then expect owners who agree to it by signing a contract to abide by their side of it.
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    But Apple is teh awesome!!!1!!

    -Sent from my Macbook Wheel.
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    I love Apple!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackmagic01 View Post
    I hate broccoli.
    But broccoli is lovely! Next you'll be trying to convince us you don't like brussels sprouts!
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