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    Live from Acer's global press conference -- Engadget

    Hope HP is paying attention, because this is EXACTLY what people are expecting them to do with WebOS hardware and software at some point next year. I hope the PalmPad compares favorably to the Acer Iconia or whatever they call their Android tablet line.

    They're going to have the biggest guns ready to launch in February, with the rest to come in April. Hope HP has a similar timeframe.
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    This is the type of release info I like! Both tablets will have a dual core processor; 10" with the Tegra2 and the 7" with the Qualcomm. Both tablets will have the Android Tablet OS (Honeycomb). Both will have Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G, HDMI, and DLNA. Both will have a screen resolution of 1280x800 and dual cameras.

    Both tablets will be same except for screen size, processor, and possibly native HDMI playback; 10" may have 1080p and 7" may have 720p.

    I'll be look at the 7" tablet. The 10" is just too heavy, too big, and not portable.

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