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    Seriously considering ETFing Sprint and Pre. Skeptical about Tmo as well as a new MyTouch 4g despite excellent reviews on both. Any experiences/views would be most welcome.

    Costco deal...$100 for 2 devices ( much better than my 2 phone Sprint Premier deal $574 for 2 EVOs) plus equal monthly with my Co deal.

    John...a 10 year Palm user out of faith/patience
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    I believe T-Mobile has a 14 day return policy. A couple of months ago I got a Tmo usb data card to try to improve on my Sprint wireless modem. I live 2-3 miles outside the Dallas metro area and I don't get Wimax and 3G is inconsistent here on Sprint.
    At the Tmo store the modem was a solid 2-3 Mbps download which is an improvement on what I'm getting now. I brought it home and got no signal at all even though I'm in their coverage map. I drove around my neighborhood with my laptop and still got no signal. A few days later I drove back to the store to make sure the equipment was working and the download was a solid 2-3 Mbps.
    T-Mobile serves more urban markets, so you might want to try it to see how your coverage is. They refunded my money and cancelled my account without a problem.
    Good luck.
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    After 10 days I'm the MyTouch 4G. Tmo data coverage was the dealbreaker. Couldn't use Nav on I15 N of SD or get anthing but "E" EVDO coverage at at Bay view Home.
    Device issues as well, but overall Android experience positive.
    Sad as Costco deal is very compelling. Will wait to see next 30 days of new devices...suffring with Pre on Sprint.
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    I haven't used tmobile, but I can say that every person I know in atlanta that has tmobile hates it, and only has it because it's so cheap.

    this city is big enough that every carrier has lots of coverage. It's crazy that tmobile coverage would be bad in a major city. Not sure about other parts of the country.
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    MyTouch 4G seems nice for an android phone, I prefer the physical buttons compared to those "gesture buttons" on phones like the EVO. Gesture buttons make no sense in my honest opinion.
    The screen size is nice, it has a decent camera, but I like the Pre's "shape" better. If only the Pre was a little bigger I wouldn't miss anything from the MyTouch. :/
    Battery Life on the MT4G is adequate as well.

    T-Mobile's EDGE seems to be decent for light browsing (100kbps isn't that bad is it? On Verizon's 3G coverage I was getting about the same speed.), HSPA gives me an average of 3-6mbps when I'm in the city instead of rural home.
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