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    Even though I have a Clie T665, I still carry a Franklin around...haven't been able to replace it as much as I've tried...I need the alarms in the datebook & reminders, etc from my Clie, but I do better with a paper planner for Tasks & documentation...

    (Ok, that's maybe too much info)

    Anyway, I typically carry my Clie with me, but never need it except for the basic Time management & contact I thought, hey, always thought the Rex 6000 looked interesting, maybe I could stick that in the Franklin somewhere and have it all...

    So how's the Rex for just the basic PDA functions?
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    The Rex 6000 still has some wow factor, but I found it a bit difficult to use and like my Treo a lot better. The place to learn about it is

    which is a very good site.

    Overall, I liked it but when the screen began leaking and Intel refused to warranty it (they did in the end, but I had to talk with tech guys first), I lost faith in it.

    The problem is not its form factor but fragility - you need to protect it pretty well and can't really enter data.

    For what you want, Motorola clip-on with a startac is a pretty cool device and it lets you dial, too.
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    The Rex 6000 is a nice PDA, but for power users, it just won't cut it. From your situation, it seems you have invested in a high end PDA, but don't quite need all its functions. I come from using the high end PDAs of yesterday, the IIIc and Clie 710, and have come to expect a lot out of my PDA. I wanted a Rex 6000 for its size, but it just doesn't cut it for me. I enter A LOT of information and it works, but not as good or easily as a normal PDA.

    I'd sell you my Rex 6000 for $100 shipped if you're interested, as I'm still trying to get a Visor Edge as its replacement.

    Not to boost my sale to you, but in your case, for just basic time management and contact information, it would work quite well. You could also play a game or two in between. Compared to a T665, the size is amazing. However, If you ever decided to begin to enter a lot of information into it, or want it to perform more functions, it won't work well.

    Just my opinion, if you're interested, send me an email!
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    Sorry man, but I'd already purchased one from Yahoo when I read your post. Thanks for the input though!

    I do use the T665 quite a bit, mostly for its MP3 capabilities, and with a couple of add-ons some more advanced time & contact management info.

    Once I get the Rex, and if it works out, I'll probably just e-bay the T665. Too bad too, as I love the color, and have the Best Buy warranty on it...or I might just keep it to play with.
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    That's cool. Well, I hope you like the Rex and it works for you! Let us know how it goes! If you need some help finding apps or cool stuff to do with your Rex, I'll help you find some sites and software to get.
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    I used the Rex 6000 for quite some time and like very much this handy little PDA.
    It fits very well in your pocket and have all your need to manage your day effectively!

    I left it when I decided to go for a phone / PDA: two devices in one.

    That was about a year ago when I bought a Nokia Communicator 9210.
    After that I owned two or three other devices before my current Treo 270!

    I don't think I'll go back to Rex.
    I think a phone/PDA device is the hardware of the future.
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    Necropost! I still have my REX 6000. Got the little purple dock for it too, but I always kept it docked in my laptop's PCMCIA slot. Anyone want it?
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