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    OK everyone, after a contentious election season, and lots of sniping in these forums, it's time to mellow out.

    Any fair minded person has to acknowledge that the 'other guys' are not all evil, even if we have our favorites.

    So here is the idea, list your favorite platform and the next 3 or 4 you like less and state what you admire from their mobile OS. (Someone invite our Symbian brothers over here for this).

    You don't need to lead with Palm as your favorite, but please be respectful of others opinions. And no 'backhanded' compliments - I like the Android because I can use it as a weapon, or I like the Pre because it so small that smuggle it into prison (eew!)

    Keep it focused on real features, and have fun. Otherwise, I'll ask the mods to nuke this thread. We don't need yet another thread for people to be disrespectful to each other
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    "Keep it focused on real features, and have fun. Otherwise, I'll ask the mods to nuke this thread. We don't need yet another thread for people to be disrespectful to each other"

    The very nature of the topic will make it difficult to acheive those goals.

    For me I like android and WinMo 7. I don't own either but have played with both. I like the large screen on the Evo and the HDMI connection. I like the interface on the WinMo 7 because it's different and right now it does not seem boring to me.
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    I like all the apps!
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    I like the larger iPhone screen.
    I like the 3rd party hardware options, like cars that have iPod docks built in.
    I like the solid construction of the Droid2.
    I REALLY like the feel of the BB Torch, but the screen resolution is sub par.

    I like the app selection for Android and iPhone.

    I like the Phone7 advertising, haven't seen one in person to play with it.
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    webOS: the OS
    iOS: the apps
    BB: the keyboard
    Android: variety?
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    When I had to go back to using my Pre for a few weeks while my Evo was under repair, I missed one thing about Android above all else:

    text wrapping in the browser.

    I've become almost totally reliant on it to read text on all kinds of websites. Forgot what it was like to have to manually scroll across a wide page of text on the Pre.
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    I hate that text wrapping on the evo doesn't work right if the page is still loading. Thats my only negative about it.
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    I just want "just Speak" to I can do almost everything by just talking. (this will help out a lot when driving.
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    webOS: Still my favorite, but not perfect
    WinMO: Office mobile and SCROLL BARS, upcoming appointments on today screen
    Android: Apps I can't release in the app catalog for the Pre (and probably scroll bars)
    Samsung Instinct: voice search. It worked better and more easily than it did in WinMO 6. (Hate to admit this one, but in my defense, it was my wife's phone)
    iphone: support from hardware/accessory/gadget manufacturers.
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    why didn't webos tackle text wrapping in the browser for webos 2.0? That was the stand out feature when the hero was released.

    I don't know if I can pick a favorite platform without prolonged use of them all.

    windows phone 7: looks like a really nice ui, but is lacking in functionality for now. Top because it's new and interesting.
    webos cards: I like cards, notifications, gestures, etc. Stock apps need major updates (like youtube sucks for me. Maybe googlejust doesn't care)
    android and iphone are in the same boat for me. They have the best selection of apps and api's
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    I love android for its plethora of choices in build. Of course the ability to choose has become a pretty bad bit of fragmentation.

    Also, Android is very customizable out of the box. There are menus upon menus for you to change everything you would like. Voice input is killer. I enjoyed being able to "text" safely while driving. I could just speak. Didn't have to look at the screen or type.

    I think iOS really works with how smooth it is, but I haven't used it enough to be able to speak out on the features.

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    Guess to be fair, I should throw my 2 cents in:
    ( I'll only talk about the phones I use)

    Palm - my phone of choice. Needs to go back into the oven to be fully cooked (Mic and Camera API's please), but too much potential to pass on. And mail handling is easiest of all the phones I use. The existence of a physical keyboard and the form factor is a plus, though it should have been executed better.

    Droid2 - Love the battery management features, and the 'geekiness' of the operational details available. I know much of that can be 'patched' in webOS, but it could have been built in. Some of the apps are cool too, but for what I do, webOS apps have been adequate. I'm not into the apps you keep simply to show friends but never actually use.

    Blackberry - Like the battery life, and the generally rock solid reliability. Both my Pre and Droid will occasionally hang up on an application and I will find the devices totally discharged. Never with the Blackberry. And of course the keyboard.

    Still would like to hear from Symbian and WinMo 7 people... anybody out there?

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